Monday, December 5, 2011

Still Basking....

I am so grateful that the Lord sees our hearts and knows some of the deep cries we hold there.

Of course, all of us, have very deep and serious cries, that we bring before the Lord, that we long for Him to answer. We go before Him in tears for those things so heavy on our hearts.

But we also have "fun" desires, that He sees. Things that are on our hearts that we want to experience or see in our lifetime.

Whatever it is, the Lord hears.

Yesterday, the Lord fulfilled a deep desire I have had in my heart since 2008, when I saw Sarah Palin on TV for the first time. I loved her from that very first moment.

Yes, she is from Alaska. Yes, she likes to wear pink. Yes, I found out I am related to her and yes she was the second female, vice president candidate, for the United States of America.

I have followed her (and yes, done a little stalking on their Wasilla property) and I have prayed for her and her family.

Working for Horizon/Alaska Airlines really does have its perks. I was able to meet both Sarah and Todd yesterday before they boarded their flight. I had a glorious 10-15 minutes with them, uninterrupted, all by myself. We laughed a lot and talked about Alaska and how we were connected in a few ways. I hugged them many times, of course! Had pictures taken with them and had them sign some boarding passes I reprinted, so I can keep them :}

They laughed when I told them about me stalking their Wasilla property a few summers ago, and that is when I met Bristol in their driveway.

They are both just real down to earth people, like you and I. They have hearts and feelings just like us. They were so gracious and kind and everything I ever imagined!

Today, I am still basking in a dream fulfilled for me. Those of you who know me well know how much this meant to me.

p.s. now time to get some of those black glasses she is wearing :}