Monday, October 14, 2013

The Middle Seat

Flying home from PDX to ANC, I got an empty seat. A middle one. A seat is a seat, it gets you to where you want to go, so I was thrilled to get on the first flight of the evening. I am so thankful for the benefits of working for Alaska Airlines!

I settled in, put my bag under the seat in front of me and began to read a new book I had gotten this weekend. "What Your Childhood Memories Say About you" by Dr. Kevin Leman.

All of a sudden the Lord brought back to me a memory from my past that I had forgotten about for at least 50 years.... It was a painful memory.... One that I knew the Lord wanted to touch and one that out of His deep love for me, wanted me to see the implications of that memory and how it has affected my life today. 

What an incredible faithful God we serve. I am not one to drum up things and make things happen. I am always more on the "cautious" side of life. But I know, that I know, this was a "God moment".

So here I am squeezed in between two strangers and the tears are running down my cheeks like a river. I then, found my IPHONE, put my earphones in and turned on my ITUNES so I could just shut my eyes and listen to the worship songs minister to my heart and soul....

I am still processing the memory and wanting to glean all that the Lord longs for me to see through it.  He will be and is so faithful to heal, restore, and redeem the brokenness's of our lives. I love following Jesus.