Tuesday, November 27, 2012

In the last 20 years….

We moved to Oregon
We were on staff at a wonderful place of blessing-New Life Foursquare
We moved back to Alaska to Pastor at Skyline Foursquare
We have been called to shepherd. It still remains our heart. We love it.
I love my Pastor Jim
Our 3 children graduated from high school
Two of the children went to YWAM
Laura is dating a wonderful Christian young man.
Jess and Mike have married and we gained a son-in-law and a daughter-in-law
Our son-in-law is in Afghanistan. Our daughter-in-law is a RN.
Laura got her Masters from Azusa and is now a high school counselor in Kenai
Jessica has her Medical Assistant Certificate and AA Degree
Mike has his AA degree and just passed his EMT finals
We have 3 precious grandchildren. The 3 T’s. Taylor, Tanner, Tristan
We have gone through some of our deepest pains
We have experienced some of our greatest joys
I dyed my hair blonde and no longer get perms
I have worked for doctors, a community college, Horizon Air and now Alaska Airlines. I fly a lot now.
Jim has lost most of his hair, but just as handsome
Jim has been a wonderful husband and has treasured me
I have been his bride for 36+ years now
We have experienced the gut wrenching pain of divorce in our family
We have lost two precious grandchildren in the womb
Mike is on a national TV program because he is a crab fisherman in the winter
Our children are grown, and healthy and responsible adults with integrity
Kathy is still my dearest friend
We moved out of the apartment 6A at Alder Park
We moved into the parsonage at CCC and I had a washer and dryer
We had the precious blessing and gift of our own new home on East Hill
We ran a bed and breakfast called, ”Heart Of Alaska”
I can no longer fit into my wedding dress
We have learned a lot about grace

Mom-20 years ago today, you left our lives in an instant, November 27th, 1992 at 12:13pm AST.  I have missed you more than words can be penned.  Today, I honor you for the woman you became and the mother you were.  I am blessed that the Lord choose you to be my mommy.  Through the tears, yes, still after 20 years, I send my love and hugs to you in heaven. I know you are rocking those two grandbabies for all of us.

Your firstborn.....

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Marjorie 11/10/1938

I am missing my mom so much these days. Today is her birthday and she would be 74 years old. It has been 20 years now that she was taken from us.

When I think through the last 20 years, so much life has happened in the lives of her children. We have had wonderful joys and deep sorrows that we know she would of walked through with us.

How does one go on when you lose your mother? I know for me, it is a continuing process. You accept the pain and over the course of time, the deep sharp pain of the loss lessens, but nevertheless the pain remains. Because no one can take the place of a mother in your heart.

I will be forever grateful that the Lord choose to give me the mom I had. She was just a child herself when I was born. It was always fun having such a young mother.

One vivid memory: I was 15 years old (sophmore in high school)  and that year my mom turned 30. I remember going to school that day on her birthday and telling my friends that my mom was really old!  It is all in the perspective :}

Happy Birthday Mom.... I love you to heaven and back and back again!  xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Monday, October 15, 2012

Memories Of The Way We Were And Are...

Lyrics | Barbra Streisand lyrics - Way We Were lyrics

Like the corners of my mind
Misty water-colored memories
Of the way we were
Scattered pictures,
Of the smiles we left behind
Smiles we gave to one another
For the way we were
Can it be that it was all so simple then?
Or has time re-written every line?
If we had the chance to do it all again
Tell me, would we? could we?
Memories, may be beautiful and yet
What's too painful to remember
We simply choose to forget
So it's the laughter
We will remember
Whenever we remember...
The way we were...
The way we were...

Attending my 40th high school class reunion was absolutely wonderful. It was an evening full of memories from high school as well as making hours of new memories to carry away as well. We all laughed so hard. In fact, we laughed all evening!

There is something about your 40th reunion. We are all past the "stage" of trying to impress one another.  We have all lived long enough to experience deep pain in our lives, and deep joys, and have had lots of character building moments to shape us.  What wasn't important were our clothes or hair, or if we have put on a few pounds more than last time. What was important was our friendships that have carried us through the last 40 years. We have always remained close and have this special bond.

The bond comes from growing up in the boondocks, at the end of the road, in a little town in Alaska. There was no TV, no high school football. High School basketball was the whole towns entertainment. We all grew up together, experiencing the years from childhood to adolescence to young adults.

I am honored and priviledged and blessed to be a part of this class. It is a part of my heritage, a part of my past,  and also a part of my future.

Already looking forward  to our next reunion in 5 years: 2017

Monday, September 24, 2012

For Such A Time As This......

How does one put into words, ones heart? The emotions are deep, the feelings are real, the goodness of the Lord abounds and my heart is full.

Today, Jim and I began our ministry at Skyline Foursquare in Anchorage.  The portion of scripture from Esther that kept coming to my heart today was " who knows whether you have not attained this royal position for such a time as this"? 

All the different seasons in our lives, all the work behind the scenes, He was preparing us for this day, this new season.  A day and season that has been in His heart, that  He saw long ago.

The excitement about the journey ahead that He has birthed within our hearts is such a gift. He is faithful.

 I could listen to Damaris Carbaugh sing "He Is Faithful" over and over again. It is my heart,  and tears well up within my eyes as she ministers through this song. I have it on my iTunes and listen to it again and again.

We love our little flock at Skyline and look forward to the weeks, months and years ahead with them.  Growing along side them in the journey together.

Yes, each of us, in the journeys of our lives have been put in "royal positions".... seasons  that the Lord has ordained, for such a time as this.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

No More Crying On This Employee Bus.....

I absolutely will LOVE my new job. Oh Lord, you are so good to me and so faithful.

I wasn't in the Board Room 5 minutes and I saw a guy I graduated from high school with and haven't seen him for 20 years. It was so fun! He was there waiting for his flight, which was delayed :{

It is a busy job and I will love that. The gals I met today love to laugh. So, I am thankful for that. How can I work without laughter? It seems like a really neat team that work there. I am very excited to be a part of their team! I love my manager!

I still get to talk to passengers and help them. That is what I love to do best.

I get tears in my eyes when I think of the goodness of the Lord in my life. He definitely has gone before both Jim and I and opened doors and has led the way through this whole transition process.

Providing us with a wonderful place to stay, a vehicle to use, my job, Jim as lead Pastor at Skyline. Overwhelmingly grateful.

To Him be the glory!

Until next time.... signing out from ANCHORAGE, ALASKA :}

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Oh Alaska.......

My first day in Alaska:

got lost many times driving.... this is a big city!!!! They have one ways now and roundabouts. Who ever thought Anchorage would have roundabouts?

got my book from DMV to study for my driver's test, read it and now ready to take my test

had lunch with my sista at Applebees

hung my Horizon scarf up on the bulletin board in our room, so I can be reminded each day of how much I love my Horizon peeps (as if I needed a visual to be reminded!!)

blowing up my phone with texts to my family in Alaska

missing my honey who is with the grandkids tonight before he heads to Canada

watching the woods for moosies and bears (none yet) :(

such a grateful heart for Canby New Life and the restoration the Lord did in our hearts there

I did drive by Skyline Church last night coming home from the airport. Saw the Skyline sign lit up and it was HOME. What a welcomed sight. Cannot wait to be there and meet the people that the Lord loves so much, and now they have found a place in our hearts to love too!

I absolutely love being back. What a faithful God, who does see the desires of ones heart. Even though there has been tears along the way, because saying goodbye to ones you love is sad, I am excited about the future. Looking forward to all that the Lord has ordained ahead for us.

I still have to pinch myself, to see if I am really here and not dreaming. And this is not a visit, it is for real!!!

More updates to come, on the exciting things the Lord has in store!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

From Mentor to Friend

Twenty five years ago I found myself in a spiritual drought. I so longed to find Christianity to be real, and to find a relationship with the Lord that was relevant, full of life and joy and and not regulated by "rules" and "performance" and what others thought I should do or be. I was desperate.

The Lord, in His faithfulness, saw the deep cries of my heart, and in the little town of Homer, Alaska sent to me a mentor, my next door neighbor. Someone who over time, I could open my heart to, and be "real". To be honest, to question, and we began a spiritual journey together.

Through the years, the Lord has done a wonderful work of grace in my heart. I have found Him to be more than I ever dreamed or imagined. The path has not been easy. Obedience is hard at times. But, what I have found, has been worth every tear, every trial, every heartache, and every wilderness experience. He has called me to live a life of repentance, obedience, and complete surrender of my heart to Him. I wouldn't have it any other way. I love walking with the Lord Jesus and finding Him in reality.

We have walked many years together as mentor and mentoree and over the course of time, those titles began to slip away and we became friends. She has walked with me through life. We have walked together through life.

As the future is before us, and we will soon find ourselves in different states again, our hearts will remain bonded and close and I will always be grateful to a faithful God for sending her into my life so many years ago.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Change is Good, Change Has Its Emotions....

How can it be the end of August already? This month has flown by so fast. As I look around my home, I see:

boxes, taped and ready to be taped

laundry to still do

some things for the Goodwill

more things to pack

walls to wash, oven to clean

groceries to still eat

It has all happened so fast. Change is good. To get out of the "rut" and take the leap of faith and be obedient to what the Lord is asking of you. It doesn't come without emotions though.

The hardest part of leaving Oregon will be saying goodbye to those I love. So many wonderful people who have entered my life since moving here 13 years ago. So many who have invested into my heart and loved me. So many who have been wonderful examples to me. Plus all my coworkers at Horizon Air. Oh, how my heart loves them and they have been the most amazing team I have ever worked with. I love them to pieces and wish I could take them all with me!

I can't imagine hugging my three precious grandchildren goodbye. My heart aches and weeps just thinking about it. Maybe just maybe someday the Lord will move them to Alaska too.

As for this change we are about to embark on: We have been born for this! The Lord has been preparing us and preparing Alaska for us and we are thrilled!!!!!!

So as I look towards the next few weeks, it will fly by fast. It will be full of last minute packing, cleaning, hugging, and tears of saying goodbyes....I am going to try to savor each moment.

This is what life is made up of, making memories to cherish.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Like A Child At Christmas

The seasons of life are many and filled with such an array of emotions.

For so long, I have waited for "this season", doubting it would ever come. In my waiting (impatiently at times, well a lot of times) the Lord was working deeply behind the scenes. Not only in the lives of the people He is sending us to, but more importantly in our own lives.

The chisel is hard. It is painful. It hurts. It is filled with tears and doubts. It is lonely. When we find ourselves in those seasons, the only thing we can hold on to, is the fact that He is in control, and knows exactly what He is doing. He is preparing and molding us to be more effective for Him.

My dear friends, please hold on to your dream. Even though you cannot see any tangible evidence for your dream fulfilled, He knows and is working. He is faithful, has always been and will remain.

I feel like a child at Christmas. The dream I have had in my heart for years, is being fulfilled. He has gone before us and prepared each step and it is fun and exciting to see them come to fruition.

We get the privilege to move back to Alaska, shepherd and love a flock, and at the same time I will be working for Alaska Airlines. It is all so good.

I feel like it is Christmas Eve and I can hardly sleep for Santa will come in the morning. That is the kind of excitement I carry in my heart this season.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Lifelong Process....

"We often want to be called of God, then ushered painlessly into a position of service and honor, miraculously possessing the character our callings require. God doesn't work that way. Our appointments are not about glamor. They are about glory. God's glory". Author: Beth Moore

It is a lifelong process possessing the character the Lord longs to work into us. Today, I had another reminder of that.

I am thankful for a faithful God in my life, who will not settle for anything less than my complete obedience to Him. I never want to lose the Holy Spirit's conviction in my life.

His mercies are new every morning!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Lawnmower, Tears and Alaskan Woods...

In the midst of this busy season of my life, I found myself in a puddle of tears today. I think tears and I are close friends these days.

My dear neighbor mowed my big front and side lawn for me yesterday when I was at work. Today, I went out to mow the back lawn which looks like a FOREST and I couldn't again get the lawnmower to start.
I stood there, with tears rolling down my face, not wanting to bother my neighbor again, for help to see if he could see what was wrong, and just cried for awhile.....

My neighbor came to this "damsel in distress" again as he could hear the lawn mower was not going and came over and helped me and wanted to finish mowing my back lawn for me.

I am so grateful for kind people in my life and for neighbors who are friends and care.

I have loved my Leave It To Beaver home in the suburb..BUT NOW, I am wanting a home in Alaska where there is NO LAWN and just the Alaskan woods would be my landscape.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

My Hope Is In Him....

Someone made the comment to me, I hope everything turns out how you think it will....

That comment had me thinking all day. I love to deeply ponder.

My hope is in God and God alone. Psalms 62

The calling the Lord has placed upon Jim's and my life is to shepherd. We have been given a flock and we will pour our hearts and lives into them. The results are God's. That is so freeing!

Our HOPE and EXPECTATIONS come from Him. We have been called to be faithful and obedient.

We are excited......

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Packing, Selling and Goodwill Days Ahead...

I am tired just thinking about all that is ahead for me in the next few months....BUT excited too, so it keeps me going...

I am in the midst of selling off some items that we will not be taking with us to Alaska. We are simplifying. Who needs all this stuff anyway? Less is more....

We don't have a definite date yet of departure. Looking around the 1st of October.

I am looking to transfer to Alaska Airlines in Anchorage. Trusting the Lord to work that all out for me.

In the midst of all the emotions and busyness of my life right now, I look forward to sharing my life, with my honey, with the body of believers at Skyline Foursquare in Anchorage! We love them!!!!

Just want to keep you all updated on the process of the faithfulness of the Lord in our lives!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

EXCITING NEWS....Alaska Move....

Jim and I have been offered the senior pastor position at Skyline Foursquare, in Anchorage, Alaska and we have accepted!!! We met with the servant leaders of this precious congregation last night and our hearts were confirmed again of the Lord's faithfulness and grace in our lives.

We are SO EXCITED to shepherd this flock!!!! More details later. Just had to shout out the exciting news!!!!! So much in our hearts......

I am off to Homer this morning to see my daddy and my baby girl. My sister and I are driving down and then driving back late this afternoon, and I will try to catch the red eye out to PDX, as I have to be back to work tomorrow afternoon :} For those of you who don't understand the distance....we will drive down 220 miles, visit, and then drive back :} It is Alaska :}

Our hearts are full...so much ahead....

I will write more later......

Monday, July 16, 2012

Alaska Bound Day #1

Well...it is quite interesting being on the other side of the counter when I am flying to take a trip.

I am a good passenger in that I arrived at least 2 hours before my flight departs and I am sitting at the gate even before the gate agent is here to board it! I have my boarding pass out, ready, and flat for the gate agent to scan.

I am a bad passenger in that, I had TWO little Swiss Army jack knives in my purse :{ One is pink(naturally) and the other one is red which my husband bought me about 20 years ago. I forgot they were even in there, hidden down in the bottom of the canyon, the bottom of my purse!

So, it was either let them have them or use their system to mail them back home to me. I almost gave them up, BUT, I am so sentimental, especially the little red one from my hubby, that I forked over $14.61 to have them mailed to my home.

So, I am already making memories and I haven't even left the airport yet! OH yes, one more "security" issue... I go through the little scanner and they show me the picture on the screen and there is this yellow square on my back bottom. What, I ask? They say, pull your pants up, and go through again, it happens when your pants are baggy....:{ I am cracking up. I am wearing these jeans that I love, but they are sorta baggy, but so comfortable!!!! I think next time, if I wear them, I will make sure they are pulled up completely, so I get no more YELLOW SQUARES on my behind!

This trip is an ordained trip and I am looking forward to all that lies ahead.

Resting in what the Lord has done, is doing, and will continue to do.......

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Etiquette When Boarding A Flight....

1. Get to your gate EARLY. Be there at LEAST 30 minutes before departure time!

2. If you have a question about your flight, ask before boarding time.

3. Do NOT be talking on your cell phone when boarding.

4. Please have your boarding pass out and ready to be scanned when you reach the gate.

5. Do not have your boarding pass in your mouth.

6. Do not have your boarding pass tucked inside your bra.

7. Expect to be asked to stop using the "F" word if you are upset.

8. Do not throw the ala-cart basket at the gate agent, because you missed your flight.

9. Do not throw your luggage down the hallway if you missed your flight.

10. Please do not ask to change seats while boarding, ask ahead of time, to make sure you get a desired seat.

11. Please do not say you didn't hear the announcements, when you've been sitting in the boarding area for the last hour. If you have your IPOD in your ears, then you will miss the announcements.

12. SECURITY and TRAFFIC are not excuses for being late to the gate and missing your flight. You must take those into consideration and start early for the airport.

13. Always recheck the gate numbers. They are ALWAYS subject to change.

14. A flight will close out 10-12 minutes before departure time so paperwork is ready and flight can take off at scheduled time.

Remember: the gate agent is on your side. We want to get you on your flights and have things go as smoothly as possible. We really are there for you! We understand that each passenger has a story and are traveling for various reasons. We do want to be sensitive to your needs!

I LOVE my job! I LOVE the people I work with and I love meeting and boarding all the passengers that pass through my gates each day. I count it a privilege.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Phoenix Day #4

Sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy .....

I have had my share of sun and pool time this week. It has been a blast. Today was the longest day in the pool, topping over a little over 3 hours. I hope I put on enough sunblock :}

Tomorrow, I head back home and to the "normal" routine of life. Lots on my plate this summer. Time to cross some things off my "to do" list.

Sister time is always the best. We tell the same stories from our childhood and they are just as funny as the first time we told them.

Don't need the "non rev gods" tomorrow, as I have a positive space ticket for my return flight home.

Goodnight from the land of the SUN and HEAT!

p.s. I still love Alaska best.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Phoenix Day #3

Today consisted of:

sleeping in


time in pool


another movie at our favorite movie place


picking up more goodies to eat


I am tired tonight. I think it is all the sun and swimming. Looking forward to a good night's rest and then tomorrow will be my last full day here.

Arizona is an interesting state. How can I be a fan of the desert when I grew up with the view of Kachemak Bay? Each has its own beauty, I guess. It is a nice place to visit and get warm.....

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Phoenix Day #2

What a blast swimming in an outside swimming pool in the heat. We went in twice today and probably will go in again later tonight. The water is luscious! I wish you could of seen us three sisters, laughing our heads off in the pool.

Almost blew up my IPHONE from leaving it in the sun, while I was in the pool. It wouldn't work, said I had to cool it off as it was overheated :{ Thankfully I got it cooled down and it works fine now. Who would of thunk....

We went to this movie theater that was absolutely a kick. The seats were reclining and each had a table with menus and a red button to call the waitress. She delivered what ever we ordered and when we wanted more refills, just push the red button and WALA there she is to wait on us.

We are enjoying the moments together, making more memories to cherish. Tomorrow: 4th of July. We will spend the day in the pool and take in another movie. We like being spoiled:}

Monday, July 2, 2012

Arizona is HOT

What a gift to be able to fly to Phoenix and spend a few days with my two sisters. Of course, we spend most of the time in their air-conditioned condos :} Checked out the pool and tomorrow we will spend some time there. They have 3 of them, with nice looking lounge chairs. I bought some heavy duty suntan lotion today....

There is nothing like family and just being you and being comfortable. Laughter is such a gift within our family and we are always and I mean always laughing at something. If it isn't funny, we make it funny.

I love my sisters.....

Wednesday, June 6, 2012


"The Way Of The Shepherd"
7 Ancient Secrets To Managing Productive People
by Dr. Kevin Leman and Bill Pentak.

If you are in any form of leadership, this is an excellent book to read. We must know our "sheep" if we are to lead them.

It is an easy read, but deep and thought provoking. One of the best books I have ever read on leadership.

If it's greatness you want, it's greatness you must give!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Texts From The Trail...

I have always told my hubby that I would have never been one to go west. I would have stayed in the comfort of the east with all the conveniences and safety that it offered.

IF there had been cell phones back then, and IF I had gone west, these are some of the texts I might have sent to my mom back home.

getting awfully tired of the smell of cow chips

heard the Indians today and I am afraid

love the quilt you made me

the wagons are creaking along and we are number 7 in line

wish I had stayed in the East

lots of dust

tell dad I love him

I miss you mom

seems like we have been traveling forever

I miss having a soft roll of toilet paper

I do love seeing the stars at night

maybe someday women will be able to wear pants, it would be a lot easier than dresses

reading makes the days go by faster, glad I brought a few books

the wagon behind us has a passel of unruly children

I have found a few good friends, and we sit around the campfire in the evening together

Jim is doing well. He keeps busy, keeping the wagon rolling

Horses are doing well

What I would give for a nice hot soak in the tub

I often think of the women who braved the wagon trail to come west. I admire them. I am not tough. I would have cried myself to sleep each night, and wanted to "go home". Thankful that I didn't live during that time period when the wagon trains were headed this way...

I love conveniences. Plain and simple.

Thursday, May 17, 2012


There is so much we can live without. I hate clutter, even though if you looked at my home office you wouldn't think so. Everything just gets plopped there and "I will put it away later"....

I have begun to go through my home and get rid of "stuff". Now, why was I keeping this? Have I used it in the last year?

Off to the Goodwill. I already made one trip this morning. I plan on making many more.

Less clutter, less stuff, less to clean, less to dust.... sounds freeing to me!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Alaska How I Love Thee...

I have internet.... First time I have been able to use my computer is today. I am sitting at Safeway (Eagle) grocery story and using their free internet.

I stepped off the plane in Anchorage and took in a deep breath of the brisk clean fresh air and absolutely felt at home!

I have spent time with my dad, and loved every moment. In fact, when I am done blogging, I am headed back out to see him again for a little bit. It is such a gift to my heart to be able to come and spend time with him. Something that I will always deeply cherish.

I spent yesterday with my darling daughter and met her Brian. It is so fun to see her beaming. Ah, my mother's heart. He seems like such a wonderful young man. I was able to meet Brian's mom and grandmother yesterday too. What a heritage that has been passed onto him.

Went to Church On The Rock this morning. What a wonderful word that Skip Bowersocks shared and I was able to see many people I love. My biggest surprise was seeing my roommate from ABI, the Bible School we attended so many years ago, Pam Christensen. What a blessing and treat for me. I don't think we have seen each other for over 20 years.

This is really such an ugly time to come to Alaska as it is known as "break up".. Everything is dirty...and yet, I absolutely love it. Don't have to worry about washing your car up here :}

I am thankful for the Lord's grace that covers us and has covered us through the years. It is only because of His grace that we are who we are and it is one of the greatest gifts we can give each other. GRACE.......

Sunday, April 29, 2012

My Red Ruby Shoes Are Clicking....

It would be fun to have a pair of ruby red shoes, but for now, this picture is absolutely adorable.

I am imagining myself with this pair of shoes on, and my feet are clicking together, "there is no place like home".

This week I will be headed to Alaska again to visit my dad and to see my girl Laura, and meet her Brian, and to see the rest of my family up there and some dear friends. It will be a short visit, a mere 4 days, but I will squeeze every minute out of it.

There is something about "going home". A place where you have years of history and people that have shared your years and life with. People that have known you since childhood. It is a sacred bond you share with them.

I can't wait to hug my dad and hold his hand and hug him and tell him how much I love him and am thankful for him. I don't know how many more days the Lord has left for him on this earth. I want to be able to take every opportunity I can to be with him.

So, red ruby shoes, take me to where part of my heart remains, Homer, Alaska.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Surviving the Shipwrecks of Life....

Read this article and just had to share it. It is deep and profound! These same thoughts have been swirling around in my heart for sometime now.

Surviving the Shipwrecks of life.
By Greg Laurie.
From Worldnetdaily.com.

In April 2008, I began teaching a series in the book of Acts at my church. Little did I know at the time that pretty much in the middle of that series, the greatest tragedy, trauma and shipwreck of my lifetime would take place.

I have had my share of hardships in life – more than many, but not as many as some. I had hoped that maybe the big shipwrecks were over. I always knew there would be storms and difficulties in the Christian life, but hopefully no big, traumatic events. I had hoped there would be relatively smooth sailing all the way to heaven. But with the unexpected death of my oldest son, Christopher, that was not to be.

The apostle Paul, a prominent figure in the book of Acts, was shipwrecked three times. In those days, travel by sea was primitive. It was harsh. You took your life into your own hands when you boarded one of those first-century sailing vessels. And Paul had lived through a shipwreck three times.

So how do we survive a shipwreck in life? We all will have them in some way, shape, or form. The reality of life is that you are either coming out of a storm or going into another one. That is just the way it is. There are times when you will have smooth sailing. There are times when the sky will be blue and the sun will be shining. There will be beautiful moments between the storms. And, not all the winds that blow in life are necessarily devastating.

On Paul’s voyage to Rome, we read in Acts that “the south wind blew softly” (Acts 27:13 NKJV). Sometimes that is the way it is. The south wind is blowing softly. You feel the warmth of the sun on your shoulders. Thank God for those moments. But then a storm comes.

Sometimes people think that when they are in the will of God, they will have smooth sailing. That was not true of the apostle Paul. He seemed to face every kind of adversity imaginable. He had many enemies that were jealous of his success and would follow him around and undermine him, intending to destroy him. He had many setbacks in life that involved beatings and physical harm. And he had a personal, physical disability that he prayed to be healed of, but God said no.

Commenting on those setbacks, he wrote, “We are pressed on every side by troubles, but we are not crushed. We are perplexed, but not driven to despair. We are hunted down, but never abandoned by God. We get knocked down, but we are not destroyed” (2 Corinthians 4:8–9 NLT).

Five years before making his journey to Rome, Paul wrote the believers there, “I pray that now at last by God’s will the way may be opened for me to come to you” (Romans 1:10 NIV). In other words, “Hey, would you guys pray for me? I am coming your way. And pray the Lord gives me a prosperous journey by the will of God.” Did God answer his prayer? Yes.

We hear a lot about prosperity today. A lot of preachers love to focus on that. Some are even classified as prosperity preachers. And I think, unfortunately, they have hijacked a biblical word. God wants a believer to prosper. But the problem is with the meaning that people pour into that. For many, prosperity means that you never will be sick. You never will have problems. You will have plenty of money. And life will be just great.

But the reality is that you can live a prosperous life in the will of God and still face conflict. Paul went through shipwreck on his way to Rome. But he had a prosperous journey, by the will of God, because of what it ultimately accomplished. So that is a different definition of prosperity than we might think of normally.

Paul survived a shipwreck of life. And as I have already said, we are all going to face storms and difficulties and, yes, even shipwrecks in some way, shape, or form. So it is time for us to get our sea legs and learn how to get through them, how to survive them and how to learn the lessons that we can only learn in such a place.

Paul’s confidence and hope was built on four principles, principles that we can apply to our storms today.

First, he was conscious of the presence of God in the face of danger. He told his fellow travelers, “Last night an angel of the God to whom I belong and whom I serve stood beside me” (Acts 27:23 NLT). God was with Paul in his storms, and He is with us in our storms as well.

Second, Paul could have confidence through his storm because he belonged to God. He spoke of “the God to whom I belong” (verse 23). Do you belong to God? Like Paul, you, too, can say that you belong to Him.

Third, Paul could have calm in the middle of a storm because he was doing the will of God. He was on an assignment for God, so he could go with the assurance that God was with him. We are not necessarily assured of smooth sailing, but we are definitely assured of a safe arrival. And know this: As long as God has work for us to do, then we will be here to do it. God will preserve us to do it.

It has been said that you can’t direct the wind, but you can adjust your sails. I cannot control the world. I would love to if I could. But I cannot control my environment, nor can I control the circumstances that come my way. I can control my reaction to them, however. I can adjust my sail and adapt.

When hardship hits, you can get mad at God, and you can get bitter. Or, you can completely surrender and say, “Lord, I trust You, no matter what.” It is our choice what we do with the sail when storms come our way.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Sticks & Stones....

"Sticks and stones may break my bones
But words will never hurt me"

I remember these words being chanted on the playground from my childhood.

It wasn't until I was older that I realized how untrue those words are.

The scars of painful words leave a lasting imprint upon our lives.

It seems we so carelessly use our words these days, that we don't take the time to reflect on the ramifications of them.

"There is one who speaks rashly like the thrusts of a sword,
But the tongue of the wise brings healing".

Proverbs 12:18

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

You Is Kind, You Is Smart, You Is Important....

I was rocking my grandson last night and saying to him, "you is kind, you is smart, you is important".....

He went back home to Washington today and my sister sent me a message saying that he was playing all by himself and she heard him say, "you is kind, you is smart, you is important".

Oh the impact of words we can have in each others lives.

Death and life are in the power of the tongue
Proverbs 18:21

Monday, March 12, 2012

Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head.....

Well... not really on my head, but on my rooftop. I am laying in bed in the quiet of the evening listening to the rain.

It brings back such memories from growing up on the homestead. I remember laying in my little bunk, with its one pink sheet and pink blanket, listening to the rain pounding away outside, through my clear plastic poly window.

It was such a soothing feeling. Knowing I was safely tucked inside, warm and dry while the rain pounded the roof at times like pellets.

Rain reminds me of many things:

Moose season was in August. It always rained. I remember one particular season. The year was 1967. I was left home to babysit my 7 sibling while my parents went out to catch the meat for the family for the year. I was missing my parents so much that I wrote them a letter and our neighbors (Engebretsens) who were going out moose hunting took the letter from me and stuck it on a branch of a tree in a path that my parents would cross during their one week stay out in the woods for the hunt. My parents brought the letter home and I still have it all intact, even with the envelope with the two holes in it that were made to hold the envelope on the branch. It sits in one of my memory boxes.

Rolling Hills Bible Camp: A camp for kids that our church sponsored. It always rained. But, somehow it made it more enjoyable for the kids. Especially if they got to ride the four wheeler in the MUD! I don't think we as adults enjoyed it as much, but hey, it was camp time!

MUD: I lived all around mud. It rained and the paths and dirt roads were muddy. My dad would get stuck so many times in our vehicle. We would have to wait for our dear neighbors to pull us out with their swamp buggy, or all climb out and put boards under the tires and push. Needless to say, we always had a few chucks of mud on us on many different occasions.

Mom: She would lay boards down the hill for us so we could walk on them to the school bus and not get our shoes or clothes all muddy. Oh the things my mom did for us when we were growing up.

Besides the special memories that rain resurrects in my heart, there is something about the freshness and cleanness it brings. The smell after rain is one of my favorites.

As the wind howls tonight and the rain pelts down, I am as snug as a bug, safely tucked inside my home, reminiscing about my childhood.

Thankful that I have so many memories and it doesn't take much to bring them to the forefront of my heart.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Broken, Tear Soaked Path....

I've been down this familiar path before.... the well worn, tear soaked muddy path. The former footprints are still faintly visible, encased in some dry patches of dirt.

Some paths are full of joy and some of sorrow. We each walk many of them every day. Today, I find one of mine is full of much tears. It isn't a path of my own choosing, but I path I have been place on never the less. In time, I will be able to share more.

The Lord sees, the Lord hears. He is our Rock! I am so thankful I have Him to cry out to, and hold on to during this "muddy path" season. He will see each of us through to the other side. He has always been, will be, and continue to be faithful.

Although the footprints I will leave on this path will not be without tears and sorrow, may they leave a testimony of His GRACE.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A Weighty Matter....

I crack up every time I hear the commercial from Suzanne Sommers, " if you are a women, over 40 and fat, it is NOT your fault"

Don't know where she gets her knowledge, but I can assure you, there is not much truth to the statement above.

One of the main issues I have dealt with my whole adult life has been my weight. I can truthfully say, that it is no one else's fault that those pounds creep up on me, but my own.

There are so many different programs out there. Which one is the best? The one that works for you! I have found weight watchers to be the perfect program for me.

But the program only works, or any program only works if I remain consistant and self disciplined and live with moderation. It is a lifestyle, not a "diet", not a "I am going to eat right for the next 8 months because my 40th class reunion is coming up".

There is much in my heart that I still want to do in my lifetime. I want to be healthy and strong enough to accomplish all that the Lord has for me in the future and now. I am not asking for a "Barbie" figure, just a healthy one. That is my goal. To bring honor to the Lord and a testimony of His grace.

I wish my sin was not so evident for all the world to see, but it is. I repent, and go on and know that He is faithful to hear the cries of my heart and help me AGAIN to find victory.

The Lord's grace is there for me and for all of us who struggle in this area of our lives.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Psalms 62:5-6

My soul waits in silence for God only:
For my hope is from Him.
He only is my rock and my salvation,
My stronghold; I shall not be shaken.

Hope is a wonderful gift. There are many hopes I carry within my heart. I again, bring them before the Lord and lay them before Him. It's the waiting in "silence" that is the hardest :}

Saturday, February 4, 2012

A Trip Down Melancholic Lane....

As I was waiting to board a flight today, I was glancing out into the waiting area and saw a family with small children. They reminded me of our little family when we were raising our 3 little kiddies.

I wanted to step back in time, and redo it. Redo their childhood years and:

cuddle them more

worry less about the "clean" house and let them have fun

care less about what people thought

not trying to make them "perfect"

not trying myself to be the "perfect" parent

minister GRACE, abundant Grace and less legalism

There is so much I wish I could redo and not have let the moments pass without cherishing and appreciating each one. It seems like when the children are small, we are so caught up in the everyday things that need to be done. Laundry, dishes, meals, etc... I wish I would of taken the time to be and enjoy each moment with my kiddies...

I have often wondered why the Lord gives us children when we are young and selfish and immature and lack wisdom. I know one reason why we have them when we are young, because we are too tired when we are older to handle the demands of continuous action and questions.

I know the Lord redeems. I know He has covered all my mistakes and errors as a parent and sees my heart as I cry out before Him on behalf of each of my children. I know this, and yet, there is still a part of my heart that weeps over it. I wish I was tucking them in their cribs and bunks tonight with much laughter and kisses and hugs and reading and prayers. Jessica with her Teddy. Mike with Duke, and Laura with her monkey.

Monday, January 30, 2012

And The Wheels Lift Off......

Only when the wheels of the aircraft began to speed down the runway in Anchorage and lift off, did my heart feel a little sad. It was then, I realized that I had just left Alaska and the next touchdown would be far away from so many I loved. And yet, also taking me to ones I loved dearly too.

Waiting to get on my flight in Anchorage, was a dear friend of Jim's and mine, John Williams. We were on the same flight, headed to PDX. It was just an added blessing to be able to spend a few moments together before we boarded.

I had 3 seats again to myself. I lifted the arms of them and laid down. It was a nice smooth flight. I had some hours to begin to process my trip and just had such a grateful heart for the opportunity that had been mine. I fell asleep too :}

I am looking forward to a good rest tonight and day tomorrow, before I head back to work on Wednesday. I learned a long time ago that I am too old to fly back from Alaska and head back to work on the same day. I need time to process and recuperate. It sucks getting old..:}

I am looking forward to going back to work as an Alaskan/Horizon Employee with refreshed insight on how it feels on the other side of the counter. A smile, a kind word, goes a long way to a weary traveler.

I love my family. I am grateful for the investments made into my life at a young age, from my dad and mom. I have a heritage to pass on to my own children and their children.

Alaska: I will be back. Alaska Airlines: you are the best!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Grateful For His Grace

It was a beautiful day with a heat wave of 7 above zero. I loved spending time with my youngest daughter and we sure made the memories this weekend. She was my chauffeur, although I did venture out and drive her car to town and felt quite accomplished. I know I grew up with these kind of snowy icy roads, but when you have been away from them it is a little intimidating to tackle them again. But I did and I didn't even panic.

What a wonderful morning at Church On The Rock seeing so many people I love. To worship with a group of believers that have a part of my heart was a ministry. It was communion Sunday and so Dad, Gail, Laura and I got up together to share this special time together. The tears seeped from my eyelids as my dad prayed before we partook. Another memory for me to hold close within my heart.

So many cherished friends I saw today, ones that have played such an important part in my life. Many of them have invested deeply into my heart and have deposited much truth and grace through many years.

None of us are lone rangers. We need each other. We need encouragement, help, direction, insight, wisdom, grace, peace, and yes, correction and reproof. We are all on this journey of life together. The Lord uses us to minister to each other. May we not neglect these gifts He has placed in us to reach out and make a difference in each others life. His grace, working in us, to change us and use us!

Laura and I drove to Kenai. I was able to get on the first flight out to Anchorage. There were only 6 on board. I love the 20 minute flight. Spent the evening with my sista Debby and her hubby Bob and my sista Marie. There is NOTHING like being with family.

I love my family. My time with my dad is something I will always have to hold onto. I am so thankful for these last few days that the Lord gifted to me. I pray my daddy lives for another 10 years, and I will trust the Lord with His decision on when his time on earth is done.

Good night Alaska. You know you have my heart......

Saturday, January 28, 2012

No Place More Beautiful....

I grew up here and come to visit as often as I can, and each time I still stand in amazement of the beauty that Homer holds. I can't imagine there being a more majestic place to be.

This morning I brought Laura to the doctor and she was diagnosed with bronchitis. So we stopped at the pharmacy and filled her up with all the drugs she needs for the next week. Made sure she got some good cough medicine that will let her sleep. We love codine :} She spent the day on the chair at Uncle Ken & Theresa's home watching movies, drinking Grampa's blueberry tea, water, napping and just resting.

I spent many hours at my dad and Gail's just relaxing and visiting and great conversations. My dad is full of knowledge and I loved listening to him tell me the history of the Jews and how scripture puts it all together with what is happening in our world today. It was fascinating listening to him. Makes me want to dig deeper into scripture! I am so grateful for these moments with my dad, that I will have to cherish always.

Got to spend a few moments with a dear friend I went to school with from 6th grade to 12th grade. I love the bond that we have in friendship and mostly the bond we have through Jesus, as we both have given our lives to serve Him and love Him with all our hearts. No matter where we leave off, we pick right back up when we get together. That is a cherished friendship.

Tomorrow it will be off to church and I will get to see so many people that I love. Lots of hugs! Then it will be off to Kenai again with Laura and I will wait for another standby flight to Anchorage. How did this time go so fast? There are so many I didn't get to see, but this season, this time, is for my dad and it has been special.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Oh Alaska....You Know You Have My Heart.....

I did get on the 615 flight last night! The photo above was taken from my seat. I sat in the back bench seat. It was a small plane! Had a great conversation with the two ladies I sat by.

Laura was there at the airport waiting for me. It was so wonderful to see my daughter. We drove to her little home and she made me a delicious dinner. We started to watch a movie but I was falling asleep. So off to bed we went. I slept for 12 hours.

I was able to see her office at the school she works for and the two wonderful ladies she works with. It always does a mother's heart good when people love your kids :}

We headed to Homer after we stopped at Subway for lunch. Thank you Auntie Ree for the coupons. It was sunny but cold and the roads were typical Alaskan winter roads. I counted 4 moose a long the way.

It was so wonderful to walk into my dad's home and see him standing there. He was folding laundry! I spent 4 hours with him and Gail (his wife) and then my brother Mark and his wife Isi and their son, Javan, brought out a wonderful stew dinner. It was a great evening. I love my dad.

There are so many emotions in my heart when I come home. So many memories. Memories from the past and memories to be made. Life is made up of all these memories. One thing I do know is, the Lord is faithful and always has been faithful and will remain faithful to the deepest cries of my heart.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Welcome To The World Of Standby Travel......

I am sitting in the Anchorage airport, trying to get to Kenai. It is a 25 minute flight. The last two flights have been full and now I wait another hour for the next flight. I am almost tempted to buy a ticket so I can get there, but will have a little more patience to see if I can get on tonight. The planes only holds 16-30 passengers. It depends on which aircraft they are using. ERA is a very busy airlines. It flies all over to the smaller cities of Alaska.

The gate agent is very nice. A young gal and I complimented her. She let me know that there will be some available seats on a later flight tonight if I don't make the next one. It is nice that she is looking out for me. A kind word from a gate agent made my evening!

It is FREEZING cold here~ Yikes, I forgot how cold it gets. But is is so beautiful. Debby has heated seats in her car. That was treat. If I ever live here again, I want my car to have heated seats :}

So, time to dig out my beautiful laptop and blog for the day. Debby, Marie and I had a great time. We went to Red Robin for lunch and laughed away. It is always so nice to be with your sisters.

Laura is anxiously awaiting my arrival and ready to cook for me "Puttin on the Ritz" halibut dinner I requested. Can't wait.

It is fun sitting in the airport and seeing the Alaskan natives. I miss them. I miss their culture and listening to how they talk. In fact, there is a lot I miss about being in Alaska.

But for now, I am here. Waiting for a flight to open to spend time with my daughter this evening. Airports are fun. Think I will go roam around for the next hour while my standby name goes further down the list. Ah...I know the routine oh so well. :}

I am grateful for this opportunity and all the teachable, character building moments the Lord gives to me.

Talk later......

My Love Hate Relationship With Flying....

How these big metal birds stay up in the air is beyond my comprehension. I know it has something to do with aerodynamics, but yikes, this is a heavy aircraft. This is the girl who has overcome her fears of flying to actually work for an airline and then actually step on the aircraft.

It so use to cripple me to fly. I wouldn’t be able to sleep for days knowing that I had to get on an airplane. It is still not my most favorite thing to do, but once I have completed my trip, I am always very grateful I went, and had a great time.

I do love flying Alaska Airlines. The crews are the best, and I love the pilots always talking to us and telling us where we are. It just puts my mind at ease to know they know what they are doing. :}

When you are on an airplane you have no control. You just sit and hope that the pilot knows what he is doing up there. Hoping that he didn’t have a big fight with his wife and is in a bad mood and his mind is distracted.

So here I sit, 32,000 feet above land, floating quietly to the cold north. I believe there are only about 45 passengers on board. Everyone has their own couch :}

I am thinking of my wonderful coworkers who helped me make this trip possible by covering my shifts. Also, thinking of my hubby (who I miss already) who allowed me to go and spend time with my family.

Yes, my family. That is the reason why I am headed to Alaska this evening. I will be spending time with my two sisters in Anchorage, my daughter in Kenai and my dad in Homer.

When us sisters get together, we laugh so hard we cry. We tend to tell the same stories over and over from our childhood, but each time we tell them, we laugh just as hard. I love my sistas. Wishing that Val and Vick where there too.

I am excited to spend the night with my Laura in her new little apartment. She is going to make me dinner. Yes, HALIBUT :} I will get to see where she works and see her world.

Then we will head to Homer and see my dad, spending time loving on him and just being close. It will consist of conversations and hugs and pictures to cherish.

My trip will be short, a mere 5 days. I can pack a lot into those days. I promised my hubby though that I would make sure I get my sleep. I am still recovering from pneumonia and it is taking me awhile to get back to normal strength. I will use my time wisely and take care of myself.

I will write each evening on my blog and let you know how my day went and how the Lord’s grace covered me each step and went before me.

Both my batteries are recharged for my camera. How can I go to Alaska and not take 400 pictures?

Until tomorrow……

p.s. there were so many people on the waiting list for first class, my name wasn't even on there :{ someday though....

Wednesday, January 4, 2012


It is the new year, and here are some things I hope to be intentional about.

1. read more

2. finish my book I am writing

3. more exercise and less sitting on the behind

4. take a few trips with my flying benefits

5. get plenty of sleep

6. drink lots of water and less diet pepsi

7. laugh more ( I love to laugh)

8. journal more consistantly

9. know when to say NO

10. make my life count in the lives of others...(it is not about me!)

11. more girlfriend time

12. more dates with hubby

13. to hear your voice Lord, more distinctly.

Thirteen is a good number to end on for now. All of the above are not unattainable. I choose changes that I can succeed in, if I become intentional about them. So here we go, 2012......Oops, just thought of another one: to become a woman of His Word!!!!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

So excited the day she was born.....

I was so excited the day I found out I was "with child" with my firstborn. It was back in the day when you took a pregnancy test and had to wait many hours for the test results.

We moved to Minnesota to pastor a small church when I was about 2 months along. I remember finding a new doctor to walk me through my pregnancy there. I went to the appointment in my new maternity clothes (I was so excited to wear them). On my first appointment, he asked me if I was sure I was pregnant. I remember almost crying and I said, "the doctor in Alaska told me I was". Here I was so excited in my new clothes and how could I not be pregnant. :}

Jessica Joy was born on the first of January 1978. Weighing in at 9 pounds and 13 ounces. She was the 2nd baby born that day at that small hospital, so we didn't win any of the New Year prizes. I had the greatest prize and gift as I held her in my arms. I was so excited I had a girl. Oh, pink here we come.

Here are some thoughts that come to my heart as I think of my firstborn gift.

pony tails and ribbons

dresses and bonnets

#15 Basketball

poofy Bangs

working at McDonalds



giving heart

loyal friend

tender heart

wonderful mother

adores her sister and brother

weight watchers

beautiful inside and out



Cookie Lee

I love my Jessie Joy so much. Not only is she my firstborn but also has become a dear and close friend.

No matter what else the Lord allows me to accomplish in my life, nothing will be more important to me than investing in the lives of my children and grandchildren and seeing them walk and follow the Lord.

I love you my Bestie and so thankful the Lord choose to give us you!