Thursday, April 28, 2011

"Heaven Is For Real"

There has been so much hype about this book, that I went out and bought it and finished it today during my lunch hour. I wasn't impressed. Whether the story told in this book has any truth to it at all, doesn't change a thing about what that truth really is. What I do know:

1. The Word teaches that heaven is for real
2. There will be no more tears/crying/pain/death
3. God will be there

Many of the other "pictures" that the book brings out are questionable in my mind. It is a good story, but I won't make a "religion" out of it. Sometimes we get swept up in the latest wave of things that sound really "spiritual".
May the Lord give us discernment.
Just sayin......

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Standing At The Grave....

The day was overcast. The Alaskan December weather was briskly cold but not snowing. I found myself staring at the vast, dark, dirt hole at my feet. Right beside the hole, laid my mother's casket. Soon, my dad and brothers would lift it with the ropes and gently let it down into the dark cavern that laid there.
I stared. It seemed so cold and dark and lonely. I didn't want to put my mom down there. I wanted her to be alive where it was light and warm, where we could laugh again and let her know how much we loved her.
My dad and brothers began to lift the ropes and lower her slowly down till the casket hit the dark shaded dirt at the bottom. We were all there. The family that loved her. We each threw flowers on the top of the casket and could hear the thug on the wooden box as each one landed. We were all quiet. Our hearts were weeping.
I stood there, and the account of the Resurrection of Jesus, became so real and dear to me. If Jesus hadn't come, died and risen again for mankind, then looking into the dark sullen grave would of been all I had. There would of been no hope. BUT He conquered the grave! Hallelujah Christ Arose!!! When I get to heaven, after I see Jesus, I will run into the arms of my mommy and oh, hold her so close. Because of Him, I have that hope!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

The 7th Grade Giggles

Sitting in a training workshop today, that was related to my job, I found myself giggling. I was sitting next to my dear friend, Christine. It had been a long, tiring week and our brains were already overloaded. As we sat there listening to the instruction and then trying to put it to practical use on the computer, we were having a hard time comprehending the material and everything seemed funny and it was funny. We couldn't even look at each other for we would burst out laughing. It brought me back to 7th grade, Mr. Schroer's history class. He was so strict and you didn't dare get the giggles in his class. If you did, you didn't look anyone else in the eye, and bust a gut, or you would of gotten in deep trouble. By the way, he became and still is my favorite teacher of all time! And it is because of him that I love studying history today. But, back to the giggles...I believe we all need to have a dose of 7th grade giggles again, no matter how old we are. Life is hard and there is nothing like a case of the giggles with a friend to lighten your soul and your heart.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The twist of the doorknob.....

Today, as I stood waiting in the radiology department for my results, I knew that once I heard the twist of the doorknob, that my life could change forever from that moment on. I found myself at the radiology department getting my annual mammogram. Last year and the "season" the Lord had me go through, with getting a call back, another mammogram, an ultrasound, a biopsy, and then surgery..... and then the final results was a non cancerous papiloma. It is hard to describe the emotions that one goes through as they walk through such an "ordeal". So, many thoughts and questions went through my mind and heart. Waiting for each results I think was the hardest on me. How do I tell my children? I was picturing my own funeral. What about all the things in my heart that the Lord has put there, that I want to see accomplished. You just want to know and then you can begin to deal with whatever the answer is.
So, as I went in today, one year later, I had some trepidation and to be really honest, I think that this moment was weighing heavily in the back of my mind and on my heart for the last year,wondering what the results would be this time.
Once the test was done today, the wonderful lady who did the test, left me in the room, as she went to talk to the radiologist. I sat in the room alone, for about 10 minutes...waiting...and praying. Then the twist of the doorknob sounded....and this was the moment I was dreading. The radiologist walked in, said, everything looks perfectly fine. No problems. We will see you in a year. I got up, and HUGGED him. He smiled and said, "thank you". Then I hugged the lady who did the test.
I kept on telling the Lord, while I was waiting that "I am trying to trust you Lord, with my life". But I really would like some good news this time. And I told him that even if the results were not what I wanted to hear, that He was still good and still faithful.
Tonight I will lay my head on my pillow with a grateful heart and will continue to ponder and learn from the emotional journey this last year and how that waiting for the twist of the doorknob, could become so life changing.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Another season ago...

Tonight, my heart wanders back to when I was in high school. I knew a boy named Tom Crane, who I believe was a year older than I in school. Today is his birthday. I would love to wish him a happy birthday.I don't know where he is now...but I remember that he never liked celebrating his birthday because it was also the date that his brother died in Vietnam, April 4th. So wherever you are Tom, I have you in my heart tonight, praying for you and that you are doing well and that the memories of your brother are being held closely tonight. Love your old friend, Terry