Monday, September 24, 2012

For Such A Time As This......

How does one put into words, ones heart? The emotions are deep, the feelings are real, the goodness of the Lord abounds and my heart is full.

Today, Jim and I began our ministry at Skyline Foursquare in Anchorage.  The portion of scripture from Esther that kept coming to my heart today was " who knows whether you have not attained this royal position for such a time as this"? 

All the different seasons in our lives, all the work behind the scenes, He was preparing us for this day, this new season.  A day and season that has been in His heart, that  He saw long ago.

The excitement about the journey ahead that He has birthed within our hearts is such a gift. He is faithful.

 I could listen to Damaris Carbaugh sing "He Is Faithful" over and over again. It is my heart,  and tears well up within my eyes as she ministers through this song. I have it on my iTunes and listen to it again and again.

We love our little flock at Skyline and look forward to the weeks, months and years ahead with them.  Growing along side them in the journey together.

Yes, each of us, in the journeys of our lives have been put in "royal positions".... seasons  that the Lord has ordained, for such a time as this.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

No More Crying On This Employee Bus.....

I absolutely will LOVE my new job. Oh Lord, you are so good to me and so faithful.

I wasn't in the Board Room 5 minutes and I saw a guy I graduated from high school with and haven't seen him for 20 years. It was so fun! He was there waiting for his flight, which was delayed :{

It is a busy job and I will love that. The gals I met today love to laugh. So, I am thankful for that. How can I work without laughter? It seems like a really neat team that work there. I am very excited to be a part of their team! I love my manager!

I still get to talk to passengers and help them. That is what I love to do best.

I get tears in my eyes when I think of the goodness of the Lord in my life. He definitely has gone before both Jim and I and opened doors and has led the way through this whole transition process.

Providing us with a wonderful place to stay, a vehicle to use, my job, Jim as lead Pastor at Skyline. Overwhelmingly grateful.

To Him be the glory!

Until next time.... signing out from ANCHORAGE, ALASKA :}

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Oh Alaska.......

My first day in Alaska:

got lost many times driving.... this is a big city!!!! They have one ways now and roundabouts. Who ever thought Anchorage would have roundabouts?

got my book from DMV to study for my driver's test, read it and now ready to take my test

had lunch with my sista at Applebees

hung my Horizon scarf up on the bulletin board in our room, so I can be reminded each day of how much I love my Horizon peeps (as if I needed a visual to be reminded!!)

blowing up my phone with texts to my family in Alaska

missing my honey who is with the grandkids tonight before he heads to Canada

watching the woods for moosies and bears (none yet) :(

such a grateful heart for Canby New Life and the restoration the Lord did in our hearts there

I did drive by Skyline Church last night coming home from the airport. Saw the Skyline sign lit up and it was HOME. What a welcomed sight. Cannot wait to be there and meet the people that the Lord loves so much, and now they have found a place in our hearts to love too!

I absolutely love being back. What a faithful God, who does see the desires of ones heart. Even though there has been tears along the way, because saying goodbye to ones you love is sad, I am excited about the future. Looking forward to all that the Lord has ordained ahead for us.

I still have to pinch myself, to see if I am really here and not dreaming. And this is not a visit, it is for real!!!

More updates to come, on the exciting things the Lord has in store!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

From Mentor to Friend

Twenty five years ago I found myself in a spiritual drought. I so longed to find Christianity to be real, and to find a relationship with the Lord that was relevant, full of life and joy and and not regulated by "rules" and "performance" and what others thought I should do or be. I was desperate.

The Lord, in His faithfulness, saw the deep cries of my heart, and in the little town of Homer, Alaska sent to me a mentor, my next door neighbor. Someone who over time, I could open my heart to, and be "real". To be honest, to question, and we began a spiritual journey together.

Through the years, the Lord has done a wonderful work of grace in my heart. I have found Him to be more than I ever dreamed or imagined. The path has not been easy. Obedience is hard at times. But, what I have found, has been worth every tear, every trial, every heartache, and every wilderness experience. He has called me to live a life of repentance, obedience, and complete surrender of my heart to Him. I wouldn't have it any other way. I love walking with the Lord Jesus and finding Him in reality.

We have walked many years together as mentor and mentoree and over the course of time, those titles began to slip away and we became friends. She has walked with me through life. We have walked together through life.

As the future is before us, and we will soon find ourselves in different states again, our hearts will remain bonded and close and I will always be grateful to a faithful God for sending her into my life so many years ago.