Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Flickering Light Bulb.....

Ah.... I love my new job with Alaska/Horizon Airlines....Let me list a few reasons why.

1. No more tears riding the employee bus home from a work shift.

2. The people I work with are so supportive and encouraging to help me learn.

3. I LOVE the passengers and meeting them and trying to help them.

4. Of course the free flight perk!

5. Wearing uniforms is fun. Plus you don't have to worry about what to wear.

6. I do like giving announcements over the PA system.

7. Gaining new friendships with fellow employees.

Seven is my favorite number, so I will stop there for now. The flickering light bulb in my brain is starting to have some pauses and moments of burning brightly as I catch on to the details of the job. It is not always flickering, which is good, sometimes it shines brightly, which means, I have caught on and done a procedure correctly. YEAH....

It has been 3 months now, since I put on the uniform and I am so glad I have stuck it out to get this far and not given up. Looking forward to gaining more confidence and learning the procedures, especially before the holidays arrive. We will be swamped then, and I want to be able to do my part in helping the passengers with all their needs.

It has been the most intense job I have ever had. We are on a time frame to get those planes out on time. So it is a challenge, and I like challenges!

I don't regret for a moment coming to this new job. It was always a desire for me to work for Alaska Airlines. It was a dream for me, that has been fulfilled and I am grateful to the Lord for giving me this opportunity.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Two Busy "B's" for Me This Week......

Bible Study- Tuesday, I get to go to Ladies Bible Study. I haven't been able to attend for 6 years, but now with my new job, I have Tuesdays off. I am so excited to be a part and spend time with these ladies in my life! Ready to dig into the Word and have the Lord speak to me. My heart is yearning for His voice.

Beth Moore- Will be studying David's life in Beth's new study called "David, Seeking A Heart Like His". I got my workbook and I am ready to go, and so excited to do this study. I facilitated this study 13 years ago in Homer, with a group of ladies that are so dear to my heart and remain so, and now I get to attend this study again with an updated version, and with ladies that have also become dear to my heart.


Monday, September 12, 2011

Because I Have Always Done It.....

The other day, I am washing my hair at the kitchen sink. I always take a bath towel and fold it and lay it on the front of the sink, before I lean over the sink and begin. So, I found myself doing it again the other day and then asked myself, "why do I do that"? I have done it for as long as I can remember from my youth growing up on the homestead. My mom did it, my 4 sisters did it.

WALA... I had a light bulb moment....

On the homestead, we did not have running water. Well, except for the pairs of legs running to the creek and back with the buckets we carried up and down the hill. Our kitchen sink was metal and just inlaid in a wooden counter. It wasn't fancy, but did the job. There was no pretty tile or baseboards to surround it, and so when we would bend over, our shirt would get dirty from the counter edges.

I smiled as those memories flooded my heart again. I don't need to fold the towel and put it at the sink counter anymore to protect my clothes....but I will continue to do so, because now it is a precious memory of the homestead years and reminds me of my mom and how simple life was "way back when".

Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Burning Bushes In Our Lives....

"When the Lord saw that he turned aside to look, God called to him from the midst of the bush, and said, "Moses! Moses!" Exodus 3:4

It was an ordinary day, just like all the others, for the last 40 years, as Moses went out to tend the sheep on the hillsides that day. Except.... this was the day that the Lord took the ordinary and made it extraordinary!

Ordinary days...... we all have them. Going about, being faithful, to what has been put before us, and then.... in a moment, we encounter our own "burning bush" and our lives are never the same.

We encounter them, because we take the time to turn aside and look. God does His part, but He waits for us to do ours. He waits to see if we are willing to "turn aside" before He will reveal Himself and call our names.

Notice that Moses wasn't at a crusade, a retreat, a men's group, or even sitting in church. He was out doing the same thing he did every day, the ordinary, when the Lord showed up.

I am not saying that any of the above are not good. If you know me well, I love going to our annual Women's Retreat and look forward to it so much! The Lord does great work in one's lives at those events....but we don't have to "go" to those events to hear from Him. He shows up, exactly where we are at. Whether it be a hillside, driving in the car, at work, grocery shopping.... whatever we find ourselves doing.

I love "burning bushes". Mine may not be as "nation changing" as Moses was, but never the less, they are just as ordained and important. I long to continue to be faithful to where the Lord has placed me, doing the ordinary...and when I encounter a "burning bush", may my heart always turn aside and hear His voice and be obedient each time.