Wednesday, May 29, 2013

A Grandmother's Instant Reaction

Today, I was checking in a young child, who was flying to another state, to spend the summer with another parent.

As the child's face was all red from crying and their eyes were filled with tears because they didn't want to leave, I felt the tears well up in my own eyes and roll down and it was an instant reaction in this grandmother's heart.

How did I explain to complete strangers my reaction: Just that I understood.

In just a week my 3 precious grandchildren will begin to experience this same dramatic tearing as they board a plane to stay with "another" parent for a season and probably many seasons to come throughout their young lives.

I am reminded of the phrase from the Parent Trap with Haley Mills "like His and Her Towels"....

I know the Lord's grace can cover them and will cover them and YET, this grandmother's heart aches for them.