Saturday, March 26, 2011

Where are my red ruby slippers?

Don't you wish it would be that easy? Clicking together a pair of red ruby slippers, and then being transported to where your heart longs to be.

Dorothy skipped along the yellow brick road with her 3 friends, hoping that the great Wizard would be able to give her the desire of her heart, to go back home to Auntie Em. She never realized that she had everything she needed right then to go home.

These are a few observations from this famous story.

1. Each of Dorothy's friends had needs also. We all desperately need His touch.
2. We need each other, to come along side, exhort and encourage and to walk the yellow brick road together.
3. We need to appreciate the ones in our lives (like Auntie Em). There will come a day, when we will no longer have them, or vice versa.
4. Somewhere over the rainbow, I hope there is a nice pot of gold.
5. I still don't like flying monkeys.
6. I'd rather be Glenda than the wicked witch.
7. We already have everything we need through Him.
8. Sometimes, I still would like a pair of those ruby slippers, as I impatiently wait for His timing and plans for me.
9. Dear Jesus, I wear a size 10.

Friday, March 18, 2011

You need a "wash car", Grandma

I was picking up my 3 precious cherubs to spend the night with us tonight. My 4 year old grandson, sitting in the back seat, pipes up and says "you need a wash car, grandma". My heart immediately melted and brought me back almost 30 years.

His mommy use to talk like that too. I remember when Jessica was about his age, and the grandparents came to visit. We were living in Minnesota, they were living in California. Jessica says to them when they arrived at the house, "do you want me to bring in your case suit'? and later on she said to them, "do you need the paper news"?

Special memories from their childhood, and now some of them are replaying in the next generation. I absolutely love it!

p.s. I think I will drive them through the wash car tomorrow for fun!

Friday, March 11, 2011

What have we come to value?

I just got done looking through this magazine. I ask myself, "Why do I read it? What draws me to be so interested in the lives of the rich and famous?" Here are just some of the things from this issue.

Charlie's life is in disarray

Christiana has bad-news boyfriend

Scarlett and Ryan's breakup three months ago appeared to be drama free

Many celebrities have their own personal app

Justin's hair

Kody & his sister's wives'

What is fashionable

Legal Matters



Baby on Board

Beauty Watch

Tour of someone's rich Irish castle

These are just some of the articles in this magazine. I got done and my first response is "WHO CARES?"...Who in the world gives a rip? Why do I waste my time and money to buy the magazine. Even though this particular magazine was not mine, I have paid $$ to buy this before. It is so irrelevant to real life.

People, living the life of the rich and famous, flaunting their wealth and destroying one relationship after another. Are these the roll models I want for my grandchildren? Absolutely not.

Thinking of our world tonight. People going hungry, not having clothes/shoes for their families, not having homes, not having water etc....thinking of Japan and the devastation that country is experiencing tonight.. oh, the contrast. And what about our military? Giving their lives for us, and in constant danger, so that America might stand free. These are our heroes. They have given themselves to something worth while, to make a difference.

I hope to not waste much more of my precious time, reading magazines that have no positive, growing influence in my heart. That have nothing to do with real life.

What have we come to value?

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Diamonds are sisters' best friends......or at least make a good memory...

If you could look close enough you can see each of us 3 sisters have a diamond on the right side of our noses. Grandma Gail was the fun culprit. She had a stash of fake studded nose diamonds and she helped us 3 girls put them on. We laughed so hard together. We left them on all day until they fell off. But, oh the curious looks and questions that came with them. My daughter Laura, couldn't believe I would do such a thing as she knows her dad, my hubby, wouldn't think it was the greatest decision I had accomplished in my life. I played along with her and didn't tell her right away that it was just a stick on nose stud. Needless to say, it was harmless and brought so much laughter and making a memory together that it was worth every bit of it.

Reminds me of life. We sometimes put things on, to pretend we are something we aren't. Oh, the masks we sometimes wear. One thing I appreciate so much, at one of the things the Lord has done in my life, is that, we can come to Him just as we are. We don't need to pretend, or behave a certain way. We don't need to put on someone else's shoes or clothes, to be accepted. We don't need to be or look like anyone else. He accepts us just as we are! We don't have to perform to earn his love. It is the same with our relationships and friendships with each other. Being real is one of the most important gifts we can give to each other. With all our flaws and failures, being honest and saying, "this is who I am". That is freedom. That is liberating.

p.s. In all honesty, I really would like a real studded diamond in my nose. I think they are very feminine. Unfortunately my husband doesn't share the same opinion!