Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Books, Books....Oh, How I Love Thy Pages...

My most favorite aisle at Costco is the book aisle. No matter what is on my shopping list, I always have to stop and browse the books. My cart just automatically goes there!

I love to read. I attained that love during my childhood years. Growing up on the homestead, we didn't have electricity for many years. So, that meant we had no TV. Nor did we have a telephone for that matter.

I would lay on my bed (my bunk) for hours and read away. I read every Nancy Drew book at least 3 times. I remember reading "Christy" and had to reread it over and over. I couldn't put "Gone With The Wind" down, it was so captivating.

A good book is one that you don't want to end. Sometimes when I am in the middle of a book, I will comment to my hubby, that I am sad, because I am almost finished with the book and I want it to go on forever and not stop :}

Right now I am reading, "Killing Lincoln" by Bill O'Reilly. I love history and what an amazing leader Lincoln was. So much we can learn from him.

There are so many other books I would love to read. I pick them up at Costco, then put them back down and always say, "I need to finish the books I have, before I buy another".

Books about History (thank you Mr. Schroer) are my favorite. But almost any book can capture my attention. Well, with the exception of anything that has to do with cooking :{

I am thankful that my granddaughter, Taylor, has my same love for reading. Books are an incredible gift, and the ability to read, is a gift, too!

Friday, November 11, 2011

A Man Child Was Born.....

32 years ago today, November 11th, 1979, the Lord blessed us with a son. He came out the "roof", as he was an emergency C-Section. He weighed 10 pounds, 12 ounces and was 23" long. The same day he was born, a lady also had a set of twin boys. The 2 twins together didn't weigh as much as Mike did. They were in the hospital nursery side by side. Jim was standing outside the nursery glass window, admiring his son, when he heard someone beside him say, "look how BIG that baby is"!

The day I brought him home from the hospital, I fed him cereal. Of course, it was all watered down in his formula, but he was hungry, and has not stopped eating since.

There is a special bond between a mother and a son. I so love my boy.....Here are some things that come to my heart as I think of him.

my only boy




strong work ethics



calling Ulmers


a wonderful brother


saying goodbye at Safeway in Soldotna


loving his niece and nephews


loving his family

I can't imagine loving him any more than I do now. He is a delight to my heart. Many millions have seen him on TV, but to me, he is my boy and always will be. His tender heart has captured mine from the beginning. I am so incredibly proud of him and all that he has accomplished. He married a wonderful girl, whom we love.

I know that the Lord has a special calling upon his life. I remember very vividly a Sunday evening long ago when the Lord was speaking to his very tender heart.

I am so thankful for my boy. I am a very blessed mother.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

In A Single Moment, Our Lives Were Changed Forever....

November 27th, 1992. We were at the church setting up for my sister's wedding that was to take place the next day. Enjoying the day, and the phone call came that forever would change each of our lives.

My 54 year old mother, who was on her way to the church to prepare for her daughter's wedding, had just been killed in an automobile accident in the small town of Clam Gulch, Alaska. Her little blue Honda 4 door, got caught in the slush of the road and she went over to the other lane and another car hit her and she was killed instantly. My two little nieces were in the car and hurt, but survived.

It seems like yesterday, at times, and then it seems like another world ago. So much has happened since that day. So much my mom has missed out on that I know she would of loved to have been a part. So much each of us have missed out on, knowing she would of invested so much into our lives in these last years.

I wept. I still weep. No one can ever take the place of your mom in your life. We can have others step in and be like a mom to us, but no one, takes her place.

One word that comes to mind that describes the life of my mom is GRACE. She knew the grace of God abundantly in her life. She left us such a legacy......

Tomorrow is her birthday. Oh, my heart and eyes are weeping. Mom, you left a family that loves you dearly. You were taken at such a young age. We don't understand or have all the answers BUT one thing we do know is that we will trust God with the reasons why.

12:13pm Alaska Standard Time on Nov 27th, 1992.... my mom entered into the presence of the Lord that she loved.... I know she will be waiting for each of us, with open arms and a warm embrace. I have a lot of living left to do, and things I want to still accomplish in my life...but when I get to the end, I look forward to her embrace and her mommy hug again.... I love you mom...

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

What a gift to our family....

28 years ago the Lord blessed us with a precious baby girl, 9 pounds, 12 ounces and a head full of black hair. We named her after my mom, who was there for her birth. Laura Marjorie. She is the only grandchild that carries my mother's name and that is a special gift to my heart.

She was a planned C-section and I wanted her to be born on the 10th, which is my mom's birthday, but the doctor had a golf game scheduled and said he would do the birth on the 8th. We didn't know we were having a girl. Back then, we had to wait till the birth to see what the Lord had blessed us with. I knew if we had a girl that we would give her my mom's name. :}

Here are some things that come to my heart when I think about my girl...

she was my only child born with hair

my baby

long hair and braids with ribbons

sucking her finger with part of her monkey sock in her mouth too

crumpling like a piece of paper




moving from Alaska


College Graduation and Master's Graduation


a soft heart

loves to laugh

her family means everything to her

idolizes her brother and her sister

great Auntie to Taylor, Tanner and Tristan

beautiful smile


beautiful heart




cherishes her friends


I love her to the moon and back and back again! She has blessed our lives and given us so much joy! So incredibly proud of her and her pursuit of the dreams that are in her heart.

I really do have the best kids in the whole wide world! I wouldn't trade them for any others I know.... and I know a lot of great kids :}

This mom's heart is thankful for the Lord's faithfulness in her life.

I love you Laura!

Your mom forever...