Tuesday, November 8, 2011

What a gift to our family....

28 years ago the Lord blessed us with a precious baby girl, 9 pounds, 12 ounces and a head full of black hair. We named her after my mom, who was there for her birth. Laura Marjorie. She is the only grandchild that carries my mother's name and that is a special gift to my heart.

She was a planned C-section and I wanted her to be born on the 10th, which is my mom's birthday, but the doctor had a golf game scheduled and said he would do the birth on the 8th. We didn't know we were having a girl. Back then, we had to wait till the birth to see what the Lord had blessed us with. I knew if we had a girl that we would give her my mom's name. :}

Here are some things that come to my heart when I think about my girl...

she was my only child born with hair

my baby

long hair and braids with ribbons

sucking her finger with part of her monkey sock in her mouth too

crumpling like a piece of paper




moving from Alaska


College Graduation and Master's Graduation


a soft heart

loves to laugh

her family means everything to her

idolizes her brother and her sister

great Auntie to Taylor, Tanner and Tristan

beautiful smile


beautiful heart




cherishes her friends


I love her to the moon and back and back again! She has blessed our lives and given us so much joy! So incredibly proud of her and her pursuit of the dreams that are in her heart.

I really do have the best kids in the whole wide world! I wouldn't trade them for any others I know.... and I know a lot of great kids :}

This mom's heart is thankful for the Lord's faithfulness in her life.

I love you Laura!

Your mom forever...


Miss T said...

<3 Precious :)

nmetzler said...

Aw. Happy Birthday to Laura!