Thursday, July 30, 2009

Alaska Day #2

Today....I was on the hunt for Sarah Palin...a dream of mine is to meet her and to give her a hug!!! From the moment that John McCain introduced her to the world almost a year ago, I fell in love with this lady that lives by her convictions and stands up for righteousness and truth. My sisters, Debby and Marie and I headed out to Wasilla, Alaska. It is about a 35 minute drive east of Anchorage...I had my camera in hand as we walked around Target in Wasilla just in case Sarah happened to be in there... Every where we went we kept our eyes open to find her.... We didn't see her, so I finally got the nerve to call her. Her number is not unlisted. The phone rang and rang, no answer, no answering hoo....So, off we went to hunt out her home.... we found the driveway going to her home. It is in a beautiful spot on Lake Lucille.... the driveway is long and signs are posted everywhere that say NO TRESSPASSING and PRIVATE PROPERTY.... So, we didn't drive down the lane.... BUT, I did get out and go stand by one of the signs as you can see by the picture above. That is the closest I was going to get to Sarah UNTIL.......... this big black truck drives up to go down the driveway....the truck stopped, the window unrolled and there I was standing face to face with Bristol Palin! She is more beautiful in person than what you see on TV. Anyway, I chatted with her a little and told her my heart for her mother and that I was praying for her and I asked her to share it with her mom. She said she would. I didn't know if Sarah was home or not and Bristol didn't give any information out. I didn't want to push my luck. She was very gracious to me and such a sweetie she is. So, I am thrilled!
Another memory is that we were able to see our nephew Aaron in Eagle River. What a treat that was. Can hardly believe he is 18 now. He was such a little boy last time I saw him. Now he is a handsome young man!
What a special day it was..... time for bed..tomorrow is a big day...heading to Homer.....YEAH!!!!!

An Alaskan By Heart, Terry

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Alaska Day #1

Greetings from the land of the Midnight Sun!!!! I have arrived in Anchorage and my sisters were inside the airport to greet me with this sign! I feel so loved!!!! I just asked a stranger who we were standing by, waiting for our luggage, to take our picture. I love my sisters.....
It is 10:35pm here and still light outside. It is so beautiful, and the mountains so majestic. I love this land. There is just something about Alaska.
I must share with you a "God thing" that I experienced on the plane. Out of all the people that I could of sat beside, I had a gentleman from Palmer that knew SARAH PALIN personally. We had a great conversation. I told him to tell her that there is a lady in Oregon that loves her and is praying for her! He said he would....
It is a little cooler here than Portland. 61 degrees when I landed. The coolness felt good. Glad I brought a fleece jacket to wear.
I am grateful for this opportunity to be here and look forward to a fun week filled with all sorts of adventures. I know there will be tons of laughter and hugs....
I will write each evening and share a photo or two of the day's adventure.
An Alaskan by heart..........Terry