Monday, August 3, 2015

I Got The Best....

The year was 1966. I was just a 12 year old young adolescent entering 7th grade. Oh how exciting to be in Jr. High.

The first day of school we were assigned our homeroom teachers. I was given the gift of Mr. Schroer. Here are some memories I have from his homeroom class.

Current Events: We each had to take a turn getting in front of the class each quarter and give the latest news. There was no internet. No TV in Homer yet, and so we would go down to the only drug store in town, Homer Rexall, and buy the daily newspaper that was flown in from Anchorage. We wrote our news articles usually on 3x5 cards and stood in front of the class with our knees a knocking. 

Map Tests: We each had to know the names of the 50 states and their capitals, and each country of the world and their capitals.  The tests were given each quarter. If you got 100% the first quarter you didn't have to take the test again till the end of the year.

When he would give a test, sometimes the last question would be, how old do you think I am?  I remember once that my answer was 68 :(  I think he was 39.

Little Britches:  Every Friday Mr. Schroer would read to us. The book I remember the most is "Little Britches". We sat quietly in our wooden desks and listened as he read to us. My most vivid memory is when the young boy's father dies in the book. Mr. Schroer choked up and I know many of us had tears in our eyes too.

You see, Mr. Schroer made a lasting impression upon this young girl. He was strict. The strictess teacher in the school and you didn't play around in his classroom. He demanded respect and we gave it. He gave me such a love for history, because he loved history. We learned so much in his class.

Today I had the honor and priviledge to attend the ceremony that inducted him into the High School Hall of fame for his outstanding leadership as a coach and his contribution to Homer High. As I sat in the audience a flood of memories washed over me, as I again was that young adolesent so eager to be in Jr. High and so thankful that I was assigned to Mr. Schroer's homeroom. I got the best!