Monday, March 11, 2013

The Quiet Game

When I was young growing up on the homestead, there wasn't a lot of entertainment to be had. We had to be creative and come up with our own. Wasn't to hard to do with eight energetic kids!

I usually was the babysitter when dad and mom would go into town.  I don't know who came up with the idea, but I would like to take credit, but don't know for sure, of the "Quiet Game".

So, when I found myself babysitting, I would always want to play this game with my siblings. We would all sit in a circle and roll this ball back and forth to each other for long periods of time. The rule was the first one to make a noise was OUT. Since we all have a little competitiveness in us, we all wanted to win. So, it remained quiet for a long time. The perfect babysitting tool :)

Ah...if only life was so simple today.  All 8 of us are now adults with families of our own and we all have experienced life. The deep pains and the deep joys. We will soon all gather for a funeral. My precious dad is soon to go home to be with Jesus. It can be this week, next week or a month...but it will be soon.

I wish I could take us all back to the days of "innocence" and just rolling the ball back and forth and smiling and playing together, but I can't.  Life has found us.

As we will all gather, we won't sit and play the "Quiet Game", but we just might all sit in a circle and weep together and share our hearts as adults and call it the "Remembrance Game".