Saturday, July 28, 2012

Lawnmower, Tears and Alaskan Woods...

In the midst of this busy season of my life, I found myself in a puddle of tears today. I think tears and I are close friends these days.

My dear neighbor mowed my big front and side lawn for me yesterday when I was at work. Today, I went out to mow the back lawn which looks like a FOREST and I couldn't again get the lawnmower to start.
I stood there, with tears rolling down my face, not wanting to bother my neighbor again, for help to see if he could see what was wrong, and just cried for awhile.....

My neighbor came to this "damsel in distress" again as he could hear the lawn mower was not going and came over and helped me and wanted to finish mowing my back lawn for me.

I am so grateful for kind people in my life and for neighbors who are friends and care.

I have loved my Leave It To Beaver home in the suburb..BUT NOW, I am wanting a home in Alaska where there is NO LAWN and just the Alaskan woods would be my landscape.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

My Hope Is In Him....

Someone made the comment to me, I hope everything turns out how you think it will....

That comment had me thinking all day. I love to deeply ponder.

My hope is in God and God alone. Psalms 62

The calling the Lord has placed upon Jim's and my life is to shepherd. We have been given a flock and we will pour our hearts and lives into them. The results are God's. That is so freeing!

Our HOPE and EXPECTATIONS come from Him. We have been called to be faithful and obedient.

We are excited......

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Packing, Selling and Goodwill Days Ahead...

I am tired just thinking about all that is ahead for me in the next few months....BUT excited too, so it keeps me going...

I am in the midst of selling off some items that we will not be taking with us to Alaska. We are simplifying. Who needs all this stuff anyway? Less is more....

We don't have a definite date yet of departure. Looking around the 1st of October.

I am looking to transfer to Alaska Airlines in Anchorage. Trusting the Lord to work that all out for me.

In the midst of all the emotions and busyness of my life right now, I look forward to sharing my life, with my honey, with the body of believers at Skyline Foursquare in Anchorage! We love them!!!!

Just want to keep you all updated on the process of the faithfulness of the Lord in our lives!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

EXCITING NEWS....Alaska Move....

Jim and I have been offered the senior pastor position at Skyline Foursquare, in Anchorage, Alaska and we have accepted!!! We met with the servant leaders of this precious congregation last night and our hearts were confirmed again of the Lord's faithfulness and grace in our lives.

We are SO EXCITED to shepherd this flock!!!! More details later. Just had to shout out the exciting news!!!!! So much in our hearts......

I am off to Homer this morning to see my daddy and my baby girl. My sister and I are driving down and then driving back late this afternoon, and I will try to catch the red eye out to PDX, as I have to be back to work tomorrow afternoon :} For those of you who don't understand the distance....we will drive down 220 miles, visit, and then drive back :} It is Alaska :}

Our hearts are much ahead....

I will write more later......

Monday, July 16, 2012

Alaska Bound Day #1 is quite interesting being on the other side of the counter when I am flying to take a trip.

I am a good passenger in that I arrived at least 2 hours before my flight departs and I am sitting at the gate even before the gate agent is here to board it! I have my boarding pass out, ready, and flat for the gate agent to scan.

I am a bad passenger in that, I had TWO little Swiss Army jack knives in my purse :{ One is pink(naturally) and the other one is red which my husband bought me about 20 years ago. I forgot they were even in there, hidden down in the bottom of the canyon, the bottom of my purse!

So, it was either let them have them or use their system to mail them back home to me. I almost gave them up, BUT, I am so sentimental, especially the little red one from my hubby, that I forked over $14.61 to have them mailed to my home.

So, I am already making memories and I haven't even left the airport yet! OH yes, one more "security" issue... I go through the little scanner and they show me the picture on the screen and there is this yellow square on my back bottom. What, I ask? They say, pull your pants up, and go through again, it happens when your pants are baggy....:{ I am cracking up. I am wearing these jeans that I love, but they are sorta baggy, but so comfortable!!!! I think next time, if I wear them, I will make sure they are pulled up completely, so I get no more YELLOW SQUARES on my behind!

This trip is an ordained trip and I am looking forward to all that lies ahead.

Resting in what the Lord has done, is doing, and will continue to do.......

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Etiquette When Boarding A Flight....

1. Get to your gate EARLY. Be there at LEAST 30 minutes before departure time!

2. If you have a question about your flight, ask before boarding time.

3. Do NOT be talking on your cell phone when boarding.

4. Please have your boarding pass out and ready to be scanned when you reach the gate.

5. Do not have your boarding pass in your mouth.

6. Do not have your boarding pass tucked inside your bra.

7. Expect to be asked to stop using the "F" word if you are upset.

8. Do not throw the ala-cart basket at the gate agent, because you missed your flight.

9. Do not throw your luggage down the hallway if you missed your flight.

10. Please do not ask to change seats while boarding, ask ahead of time, to make sure you get a desired seat.

11. Please do not say you didn't hear the announcements, when you've been sitting in the boarding area for the last hour. If you have your IPOD in your ears, then you will miss the announcements.

12. SECURITY and TRAFFIC are not excuses for being late to the gate and missing your flight. You must take those into consideration and start early for the airport.

13. Always recheck the gate numbers. They are ALWAYS subject to change.

14. A flight will close out 10-12 minutes before departure time so paperwork is ready and flight can take off at scheduled time.

Remember: the gate agent is on your side. We want to get you on your flights and have things go as smoothly as possible. We really are there for you! We understand that each passenger has a story and are traveling for various reasons. We do want to be sensitive to your needs!

I LOVE my job! I LOVE the people I work with and I love meeting and boarding all the passengers that pass through my gates each day. I count it a privilege.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Phoenix Day #4

Sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy .....

I have had my share of sun and pool time this week. It has been a blast. Today was the longest day in the pool, topping over a little over 3 hours. I hope I put on enough sunblock :}

Tomorrow, I head back home and to the "normal" routine of life. Lots on my plate this summer. Time to cross some things off my "to do" list.

Sister time is always the best. We tell the same stories from our childhood and they are just as funny as the first time we told them.

Don't need the "non rev gods" tomorrow, as I have a positive space ticket for my return flight home.

Goodnight from the land of the SUN and HEAT!

p.s. I still love Alaska best.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Phoenix Day #3

Today consisted of:

sleeping in


time in pool


another movie at our favorite movie place


picking up more goodies to eat


I am tired tonight. I think it is all the sun and swimming. Looking forward to a good night's rest and then tomorrow will be my last full day here.

Arizona is an interesting state. How can I be a fan of the desert when I grew up with the view of Kachemak Bay? Each has its own beauty, I guess. It is a nice place to visit and get warm.....

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Phoenix Day #2

What a blast swimming in an outside swimming pool in the heat. We went in twice today and probably will go in again later tonight. The water is luscious! I wish you could of seen us three sisters, laughing our heads off in the pool.

Almost blew up my IPHONE from leaving it in the sun, while I was in the pool. It wouldn't work, said I had to cool it off as it was overheated :{ Thankfully I got it cooled down and it works fine now. Who would of thunk....

We went to this movie theater that was absolutely a kick. The seats were reclining and each had a table with menus and a red button to call the waitress. She delivered what ever we ordered and when we wanted more refills, just push the red button and WALA there she is to wait on us.

We are enjoying the moments together, making more memories to cherish. Tomorrow: 4th of July. We will spend the day in the pool and take in another movie. We like being spoiled:}

Monday, July 2, 2012

Arizona is HOT

What a gift to be able to fly to Phoenix and spend a few days with my two sisters. Of course, we spend most of the time in their air-conditioned condos :} Checked out the pool and tomorrow we will spend some time there. They have 3 of them, with nice looking lounge chairs. I bought some heavy duty suntan lotion today....

There is nothing like family and just being you and being comfortable. Laughter is such a gift within our family and we are always and I mean always laughing at something. If it isn't funny, we make it funny.

I love my sisters.....