Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Phoenix Day #2

What a blast swimming in an outside swimming pool in the heat. We went in twice today and probably will go in again later tonight. The water is luscious! I wish you could of seen us three sisters, laughing our heads off in the pool.

Almost blew up my IPHONE from leaving it in the sun, while I was in the pool. It wouldn't work, said I had to cool it off as it was overheated :{ Thankfully I got it cooled down and it works fine now. Who would of thunk....

We went to this movie theater that was absolutely a kick. The seats were reclining and each had a table with menus and a red button to call the waitress. She delivered what ever we ordered and when we wanted more refills, just push the red button and WALA there she is to wait on us.

We are enjoying the moments together, making more memories to cherish. Tomorrow: 4th of July. We will spend the day in the pool and take in another movie. We like being spoiled:}

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