Sunday, July 15, 2012

Etiquette When Boarding A Flight....

1. Get to your gate EARLY. Be there at LEAST 30 minutes before departure time!

2. If you have a question about your flight, ask before boarding time.

3. Do NOT be talking on your cell phone when boarding.

4. Please have your boarding pass out and ready to be scanned when you reach the gate.

5. Do not have your boarding pass in your mouth.

6. Do not have your boarding pass tucked inside your bra.

7. Expect to be asked to stop using the "F" word if you are upset.

8. Do not throw the ala-cart basket at the gate agent, because you missed your flight.

9. Do not throw your luggage down the hallway if you missed your flight.

10. Please do not ask to change seats while boarding, ask ahead of time, to make sure you get a desired seat.

11. Please do not say you didn't hear the announcements, when you've been sitting in the boarding area for the last hour. If you have your IPOD in your ears, then you will miss the announcements.

12. SECURITY and TRAFFIC are not excuses for being late to the gate and missing your flight. You must take those into consideration and start early for the airport.

13. Always recheck the gate numbers. They are ALWAYS subject to change.

14. A flight will close out 10-12 minutes before departure time so paperwork is ready and flight can take off at scheduled time.

Remember: the gate agent is on your side. We want to get you on your flights and have things go as smoothly as possible. We really are there for you! We understand that each passenger has a story and are traveling for various reasons. We do want to be sensitive to your needs!

I LOVE my job! I LOVE the people I work with and I love meeting and boarding all the passengers that pass through my gates each day. I count it a privilege.


Natasha said...

This is great! Thanks for sharing. :)

marta janes said...

You said this soooo eloquently my dear friend!!! All true! Thanks for the basket one. :) Only one I can think at the moment is......and we don't enjoy have to rebooking you or trying to rebook you. Trust me, boarding you is much easier then rebooking you or telling you there are no options.