Saturday, July 28, 2012

Lawnmower, Tears and Alaskan Woods...

In the midst of this busy season of my life, I found myself in a puddle of tears today. I think tears and I are close friends these days.

My dear neighbor mowed my big front and side lawn for me yesterday when I was at work. Today, I went out to mow the back lawn which looks like a FOREST and I couldn't again get the lawnmower to start.
I stood there, with tears rolling down my face, not wanting to bother my neighbor again, for help to see if he could see what was wrong, and just cried for awhile.....

My neighbor came to this "damsel in distress" again as he could hear the lawn mower was not going and came over and helped me and wanted to finish mowing my back lawn for me.

I am so grateful for kind people in my life and for neighbors who are friends and care.

I have loved my Leave It To Beaver home in the suburb..BUT NOW, I am wanting a home in Alaska where there is NO LAWN and just the Alaskan woods would be my landscape.

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