Wednesday, March 31, 2010

10 Quirky Things You May Not Know.....

I was reading Beth Moore's blog and she listed 10 quirky things about herself and they were a riot! She encouraged her readers to list their 10. They had to come off the top of your head and not be too deep or serious.....just 10 things that if people really knew you, they would know this about you....I thought it sounded I am going to give it a try and ask you to give it a try and we will find out some fun things about each other. Happy reading and responding....

1. I prefer plastic silverware over metal
2. I can't go to sleep in a room if the closet door is must be shut
3. I always put my hand on the outside of the plane and say a prayer, before I board
4. I am not a mall shopper
5. I like my food more on the burnt side (toast, popcorn, steak, hamburger)
6. Flipflops are my favorite shoe
7. I don't like clutter
8. I absolutely HATE to camp
9. I love a good book and am sad while reading it because I don't want it to end :}
10. I love to study history....

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

We each have a story......

As I was driving down the freeway home from work today, passing cars and they passing mine, I took the time to look at each driver. I was wondering who they were, what was their background? What dreams were they pursuing? What wounds were they carrying from their childhood or youth? What makes them laugh, what makes them sad.....and I realized again that each and every one has a story. No one's story is more important than another's. We might think ours is more important, but it isn't. We are all on this journey we call life and we all have hopes and dreams and fears and tears...We bump into people all day long...may my heart be reminded that everyone is important, everyone has a story, and everyone wants to be loved.