Tuesday, August 23, 2016

A Moment In Time...

"For every moment recorded in history, there is a moment just before that moment. It's there we have a final chance to make an impact. Remember this today as you begin to speak words that will become someone else's history. Moments are extremely powerful...words and actions happened the moment before the moments we most remember.... BETH MOORE ( my favorite Bible teacher)

The Summer Olympics 2016 just ended in Rio. With all the glory and gold and medals won, there is a tarnished memory from the games: The incident concerning Ryan Lochte, the swimmer.  I don't know the young man nor his friends, but I do know that "a moment in time" now has changed his life drastically and in front of the whole world.

It is a lesson for all of us. These young men all had "a moment in time", before the moment they decided to act foolishly. What if, if "in that moment" before the moment they made the poor choices, they thought it through and decided to make wise choices, the outcome would be completely different today.

I am not condemning this young man nor his friends, but they have given us all an object lesson for our lives.

In a single instance, a foolish choice can alter the direction of our lives. I remember reading a news article about a young man that was being punished by the court for a crime and the young man's father quoted, "my son should not have to pay for the rest of his life for something he did for 15 minutes of his life".

Yes, father of the young man.... there are consequences to the choices we all make. Whether it was 15 minutes of our lives or 15 hours. 

I am reminded of the phrase, there go I, but by the grace of God. In those moments before we make a foolish decision or lash out hurtful words, may we pause and think it through and choose wisely.

Our lives are full of moments...

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Sometimes there are no words.....

Dear Ones,

This last week has brought some tremendous pain and sorrow to some very dear people that I know in Oregon. Two women, who were my friends there, lost daughters ages 24 and 27 in separate tragic accidents on the same day, July 31st, 2016.

Life came to a standstill,  and will never be the same for them again. My heart has had a hard time trying to comprehend the sorrow and devastating accidents that occurred. I have been trying all week to wrap my heart around it all, and there are no words.

No words...... I remember when my mother was killed in a car accident in 1992. So many people cared and reached out. One thing I remember most though,  and I often repeated to my hubby, is that no matter what anyone said or did, they could not give me what I wanted .... they could not bring my mom back to me.  There were no words. There are no words.

But the presence of ones who love you and reach out to you, you do remember.  And the ones who prayed and brought you before the throne room of grace are your angels.

Tonight I remember Sydney Craft and Melissa Gibson for their beautiful smiles and beautiful hearts. My mother's heart can hardly bear the sorrow for their mother's hearts.

Love today, forgive today, enjoy today.... we are never guarenteed tomorrow.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

What Sarah Palin Taught Me Today

Today I found myself in a setting with Sarah Palin. In fact, she was sitting right behind me as we were attending the same event.

She took the opportunity to stand up and share from her heart, something non political, something very dear about a very precious person who had been in her life.

As she was speaking and then sat down, I was overwhelmed with a conclusion that my heart deeply grasped.

It doesn't matter what side of the political banter you find yourself on. It doesn't matter if you agree or disagree with her. It doesn't matter what you think of her or her family.  What matters is: She knows who she is, what the Lord has called her to, and speaks from that assurance.  Oh, I am sure she is quite human like the rest of us and has her share of tears, and yet, she is confident in what she believes is right and walks it out in whatever setting she finds herself in.  She is not hindered by people's opinion. Those opinions do not control her.  She speaks freely and unashamed.

What a valuable lesson she taught me today. I want to live like that.