Tuesday, November 27, 2012

In the last 20 years….

We moved to Oregon
We were on staff at a wonderful place of blessing-New Life Foursquare
We moved back to Alaska to Pastor at Skyline Foursquare
We have been called to shepherd. It still remains our heart. We love it.
I love my Pastor Jim
Our 3 children graduated from high school
Two of the children went to YWAM
Laura is dating a wonderful Christian young man.
Jess and Mike have married and we gained a son-in-law and a daughter-in-law
Our son-in-law is in Afghanistan. Our daughter-in-law is a RN.
Laura got her Masters from Azusa and is now a high school counselor in Kenai
Jessica has her Medical Assistant Certificate and AA Degree
Mike has his AA degree and just passed his EMT finals
We have 3 precious grandchildren. The 3 T’s. Taylor, Tanner, Tristan
We have gone through some of our deepest pains
We have experienced some of our greatest joys
I dyed my hair blonde and no longer get perms
I have worked for doctors, a community college, Horizon Air and now Alaska Airlines. I fly a lot now.
Jim has lost most of his hair, but just as handsome
Jim has been a wonderful husband and has treasured me
I have been his bride for 36+ years now
We have experienced the gut wrenching pain of divorce in our family
We have lost two precious grandchildren in the womb
Mike is on a national TV program because he is a crab fisherman in the winter
Our children are grown, and healthy and responsible adults with integrity
Kathy is still my dearest friend
We moved out of the apartment 6A at Alder Park
We moved into the parsonage at CCC and I had a washer and dryer
We had the precious blessing and gift of our own new home on East Hill
We ran a bed and breakfast called, ”Heart Of Alaska”
I can no longer fit into my wedding dress
We have learned a lot about grace

Mom-20 years ago today, you left our lives in an instant, November 27th, 1992 at 12:13pm AST.  I have missed you more than words can be penned.  Today, I honor you for the woman you became and the mother you were.  I am blessed that the Lord choose you to be my mommy.  Through the tears, yes, still after 20 years, I send my love and hugs to you in heaven. I know you are rocking those two grandbabies for all of us.

Your firstborn.....

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Marjorie 11/10/1938

I am missing my mom so much these days. Today is her birthday and she would be 74 years old. It has been 20 years now that she was taken from us.

When I think through the last 20 years, so much life has happened in the lives of her children. We have had wonderful joys and deep sorrows that we know she would of walked through with us.

How does one go on when you lose your mother? I know for me, it is a continuing process. You accept the pain and over the course of time, the deep sharp pain of the loss lessens, but nevertheless the pain remains. Because no one can take the place of a mother in your heart.

I will be forever grateful that the Lord choose to give me the mom I had. She was just a child herself when I was born. It was always fun having such a young mother.

One vivid memory: I was 15 years old (sophmore in high school)  and that year my mom turned 30. I remember going to school that day on her birthday and telling my friends that my mom was really old!  It is all in the perspective :}

Happy Birthday Mom.... I love you to heaven and back and back again!  xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo