Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Alaska Day #1

Greetings from the land of the Midnight Sun!!!! I have arrived in Anchorage and my sisters were inside the airport to greet me with this sign! I feel so loved!!!! I just asked a stranger who we were standing by, waiting for our luggage, to take our picture. I love my sisters.....
It is 10:35pm here and still light outside. It is so beautiful, and the mountains so majestic. I love this land. There is just something about Alaska.
I must share with you a "God thing" that I experienced on the plane. Out of all the people that I could of sat beside, I had a gentleman from Palmer that knew SARAH PALIN personally. We had a great conversation. I told him to tell her that there is a lady in Oregon that loves her and is praying for her! He said he would....
It is a little cooler here than Portland. 61 degrees when I landed. The coolness felt good. Glad I brought a fleece jacket to wear.
I am grateful for this opportunity to be here and look forward to a fun week filled with all sorts of adventures. I know there will be tons of laughter and hugs....
I will write each evening and share a photo or two of the day's adventure.
An Alaskan by heart..........Terry

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