Wednesday, November 9, 2011

In A Single Moment, Our Lives Were Changed Forever....

November 27th, 1992. We were at the church setting up for my sister's wedding that was to take place the next day. Enjoying the day, and the phone call came that forever would change each of our lives.

My 54 year old mother, who was on her way to the church to prepare for her daughter's wedding, had just been killed in an automobile accident in the small town of Clam Gulch, Alaska. Her little blue Honda 4 door, got caught in the slush of the road and she went over to the other lane and another car hit her and she was killed instantly. My two little nieces were in the car and hurt, but survived.

It seems like yesterday, at times, and then it seems like another world ago. So much has happened since that day. So much my mom has missed out on that I know she would of loved to have been a part. So much each of us have missed out on, knowing she would of invested so much into our lives in these last years.

I wept. I still weep. No one can ever take the place of your mom in your life. We can have others step in and be like a mom to us, but no one, takes her place.

One word that comes to mind that describes the life of my mom is GRACE. She knew the grace of God abundantly in her life. She left us such a legacy......

Tomorrow is her birthday. Oh, my heart and eyes are weeping. Mom, you left a family that loves you dearly. You were taken at such a young age. We don't understand or have all the answers BUT one thing we do know is that we will trust God with the reasons why.

12:13pm Alaska Standard Time on Nov 27th, 1992.... my mom entered into the presence of the Lord that she loved.... I know she will be waiting for each of us, with open arms and a warm embrace. I have a lot of living left to do, and things I want to still accomplish in my life...but when I get to the end, I look forward to her embrace and her mommy hug again.... I love you mom...

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