Sunday, September 18, 2011

Two Busy "B's" for Me This Week......

Bible Study- Tuesday, I get to go to Ladies Bible Study. I haven't been able to attend for 6 years, but now with my new job, I have Tuesdays off. I am so excited to be a part and spend time with these ladies in my life! Ready to dig into the Word and have the Lord speak to me. My heart is yearning for His voice.

Beth Moore- Will be studying David's life in Beth's new study called "David, Seeking A Heart Like His". I got my workbook and I am ready to go, and so excited to do this study. I facilitated this study 13 years ago in Homer, with a group of ladies that are so dear to my heart and remain so, and now I get to attend this study again with an updated version, and with ladies that have also become dear to my heart.


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