Monday, September 12, 2011

Because I Have Always Done It.....

The other day, I am washing my hair at the kitchen sink. I always take a bath towel and fold it and lay it on the front of the sink, before I lean over the sink and begin. So, I found myself doing it again the other day and then asked myself, "why do I do that"? I have done it for as long as I can remember from my youth growing up on the homestead. My mom did it, my 4 sisters did it.

WALA... I had a light bulb moment....

On the homestead, we did not have running water. Well, except for the pairs of legs running to the creek and back with the buckets we carried up and down the hill. Our kitchen sink was metal and just inlaid in a wooden counter. It wasn't fancy, but did the job. There was no pretty tile or baseboards to surround it, and so when we would bend over, our shirt would get dirty from the counter edges.

I smiled as those memories flooded my heart again. I don't need to fold the towel and put it at the sink counter anymore to protect my clothes....but I will continue to do so, because now it is a precious memory of the homestead years and reminds me of my mom and how simple life was "way back when".

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