Monday, September 24, 2012

For Such A Time As This......

How does one put into words, ones heart? The emotions are deep, the feelings are real, the goodness of the Lord abounds and my heart is full.

Today, Jim and I began our ministry at Skyline Foursquare in Anchorage.  The portion of scripture from Esther that kept coming to my heart today was " who knows whether you have not attained this royal position for such a time as this"? 

All the different seasons in our lives, all the work behind the scenes, He was preparing us for this day, this new season.  A day and season that has been in His heart, that  He saw long ago.

The excitement about the journey ahead that He has birthed within our hearts is such a gift. He is faithful.

 I could listen to Damaris Carbaugh sing "He Is Faithful" over and over again. It is my heart,  and tears well up within my eyes as she ministers through this song. I have it on my iTunes and listen to it again and again.

We love our little flock at Skyline and look forward to the weeks, months and years ahead with them.  Growing along side them in the journey together.

Yes, each of us, in the journeys of our lives have been put in "royal positions".... seasons  that the Lord has ordained, for such a time as this.


Natasha said...

So excited for you!! May you be blessed abundantly and through you may others see Christ.

Teresa Lee said...

Thank you dear Natasha!

Yoderfam5 said...

Beautifully said! Praying for you guys always :)

Teresa Lee said...

Thanks dear Leslie!