Thursday, April 14, 2011

The 7th Grade Giggles

Sitting in a training workshop today, that was related to my job, I found myself giggling. I was sitting next to my dear friend, Christine. It had been a long, tiring week and our brains were already overloaded. As we sat there listening to the instruction and then trying to put it to practical use on the computer, we were having a hard time comprehending the material and everything seemed funny and it was funny. We couldn't even look at each other for we would burst out laughing. It brought me back to 7th grade, Mr. Schroer's history class. He was so strict and you didn't dare get the giggles in his class. If you did, you didn't look anyone else in the eye, and bust a gut, or you would of gotten in deep trouble. By the way, he became and still is my favorite teacher of all time! And it is because of him that I love studying history today. But, back to the giggles...I believe we all need to have a dose of 7th grade giggles again, no matter how old we are. Life is hard and there is nothing like a case of the giggles with a friend to lighten your soul and your heart.

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Michelle Simpson Photos said...

I love getting the giggles! But they were always embarrassing in class! How fun that you got to enjoy your training :)