Monday, January 30, 2012

And The Wheels Lift Off......

Only when the wheels of the aircraft began to speed down the runway in Anchorage and lift off, did my heart feel a little sad. It was then, I realized that I had just left Alaska and the next touchdown would be far away from so many I loved. And yet, also taking me to ones I loved dearly too.

Waiting to get on my flight in Anchorage, was a dear friend of Jim's and mine, John Williams. We were on the same flight, headed to PDX. It was just an added blessing to be able to spend a few moments together before we boarded.

I had 3 seats again to myself. I lifted the arms of them and laid down. It was a nice smooth flight. I had some hours to begin to process my trip and just had such a grateful heart for the opportunity that had been mine. I fell asleep too :}

I am looking forward to a good rest tonight and day tomorrow, before I head back to work on Wednesday. I learned a long time ago that I am too old to fly back from Alaska and head back to work on the same day. I need time to process and recuperate. It sucks getting old..:}

I am looking forward to going back to work as an Alaskan/Horizon Employee with refreshed insight on how it feels on the other side of the counter. A smile, a kind word, goes a long way to a weary traveler.

I love my family. I am grateful for the investments made into my life at a young age, from my dad and mom. I have a heritage to pass on to my own children and their children.

Alaska: I will be back. Alaska Airlines: you are the best!

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