Wednesday, January 4, 2012


It is the new year, and here are some things I hope to be intentional about.

1. read more

2. finish my book I am writing

3. more exercise and less sitting on the behind

4. take a few trips with my flying benefits

5. get plenty of sleep

6. drink lots of water and less diet pepsi

7. laugh more ( I love to laugh)

8. journal more consistantly

9. know when to say NO

10. make my life count in the lives of others...(it is not about me!)

11. more girlfriend time

12. more dates with hubby

13. to hear your voice Lord, more distinctly.

Thirteen is a good number to end on for now. All of the above are not unattainable. I choose changes that I can succeed in, if I become intentional about them. So here we go, 2012......Oops, just thought of another one: to become a woman of His Word!!!!


Natasha said...

You're writing a book?! What is it about?

Teresa Lee said...

Natasha.... about my childhood, growing up on the homestead and the thread of the Lord's faithfulness and grace in our lives... I must finish it. It is full of short stories about the everyday life we experienced.