Saturday, January 28, 2012

No Place More Beautiful....

I grew up here and come to visit as often as I can, and each time I still stand in amazement of the beauty that Homer holds. I can't imagine there being a more majestic place to be.

This morning I brought Laura to the doctor and she was diagnosed with bronchitis. So we stopped at the pharmacy and filled her up with all the drugs she needs for the next week. Made sure she got some good cough medicine that will let her sleep. We love codine :} She spent the day on the chair at Uncle Ken & Theresa's home watching movies, drinking Grampa's blueberry tea, water, napping and just resting.

I spent many hours at my dad and Gail's just relaxing and visiting and great conversations. My dad is full of knowledge and I loved listening to him tell me the history of the Jews and how scripture puts it all together with what is happening in our world today. It was fascinating listening to him. Makes me want to dig deeper into scripture! I am so grateful for these moments with my dad, that I will have to cherish always.

Got to spend a few moments with a dear friend I went to school with from 6th grade to 12th grade. I love the bond that we have in friendship and mostly the bond we have through Jesus, as we both have given our lives to serve Him and love Him with all our hearts. No matter where we leave off, we pick right back up when we get together. That is a cherished friendship.

Tomorrow it will be off to church and I will get to see so many people that I love. Lots of hugs! Then it will be off to Kenai again with Laura and I will wait for another standby flight to Anchorage. How did this time go so fast? There are so many I didn't get to see, but this season, this time, is for my dad and it has been special.

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