Sunday, January 29, 2012

Grateful For His Grace

It was a beautiful day with a heat wave of 7 above zero. I loved spending time with my youngest daughter and we sure made the memories this weekend. She was my chauffeur, although I did venture out and drive her car to town and felt quite accomplished. I know I grew up with these kind of snowy icy roads, but when you have been away from them it is a little intimidating to tackle them again. But I did and I didn't even panic.

What a wonderful morning at Church On The Rock seeing so many people I love. To worship with a group of believers that have a part of my heart was a ministry. It was communion Sunday and so Dad, Gail, Laura and I got up together to share this special time together. The tears seeped from my eyelids as my dad prayed before we partook. Another memory for me to hold close within my heart.

So many cherished friends I saw today, ones that have played such an important part in my life. Many of them have invested deeply into my heart and have deposited much truth and grace through many years.

None of us are lone rangers. We need each other. We need encouragement, help, direction, insight, wisdom, grace, peace, and yes, correction and reproof. We are all on this journey of life together. The Lord uses us to minister to each other. May we not neglect these gifts He has placed in us to reach out and make a difference in each others life. His grace, working in us, to change us and use us!

Laura and I drove to Kenai. I was able to get on the first flight out to Anchorage. There were only 6 on board. I love the 20 minute flight. Spent the evening with my sista Debby and her hubby Bob and my sista Marie. There is NOTHING like being with family.

I love my family. My time with my dad is something I will always have to hold onto. I am so thankful for these last few days that the Lord gifted to me. I pray my daddy lives for another 10 years, and I will trust the Lord with His decision on when his time on earth is done.

Good night Alaska. You know you have my heart......

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