Thursday, January 26, 2012

My Love Hate Relationship With Flying....

How these big metal birds stay up in the air is beyond my comprehension. I know it has something to do with aerodynamics, but yikes, this is a heavy aircraft. This is the girl who has overcome her fears of flying to actually work for an airline and then actually step on the aircraft.

It so use to cripple me to fly. I wouldn’t be able to sleep for days knowing that I had to get on an airplane. It is still not my most favorite thing to do, but once I have completed my trip, I am always very grateful I went, and had a great time.

I do love flying Alaska Airlines. The crews are the best, and I love the pilots always talking to us and telling us where we are. It just puts my mind at ease to know they know what they are doing. :}

When you are on an airplane you have no control. You just sit and hope that the pilot knows what he is doing up there. Hoping that he didn’t have a big fight with his wife and is in a bad mood and his mind is distracted.

So here I sit, 32,000 feet above land, floating quietly to the cold north. I believe there are only about 45 passengers on board. Everyone has their own couch :}

I am thinking of my wonderful coworkers who helped me make this trip possible by covering my shifts. Also, thinking of my hubby (who I miss already) who allowed me to go and spend time with my family.

Yes, my family. That is the reason why I am headed to Alaska this evening. I will be spending time with my two sisters in Anchorage, my daughter in Kenai and my dad in Homer.

When us sisters get together, we laugh so hard we cry. We tend to tell the same stories over and over from our childhood, but each time we tell them, we laugh just as hard. I love my sistas. Wishing that Val and Vick where there too.

I am excited to spend the night with my Laura in her new little apartment. She is going to make me dinner. Yes, HALIBUT :} I will get to see where she works and see her world.

Then we will head to Homer and see my dad, spending time loving on him and just being close. It will consist of conversations and hugs and pictures to cherish.

My trip will be short, a mere 5 days. I can pack a lot into those days. I promised my hubby though that I would make sure I get my sleep. I am still recovering from pneumonia and it is taking me awhile to get back to normal strength. I will use my time wisely and take care of myself.

I will write each evening on my blog and let you know how my day went and how the Lord’s grace covered me each step and went before me.

Both my batteries are recharged for my camera. How can I go to Alaska and not take 400 pictures?

Until tomorrow……

p.s. there were so many people on the waiting list for first class, my name wasn't even on there :{ someday though....

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Natasha said...

sounds like fun! enjoy your time!