Thursday, August 16, 2012

Like A Child At Christmas

The seasons of life are many and filled with such an array of emotions.

For so long, I have waited for "this season", doubting it would ever come. In my waiting (impatiently at times, well a lot of times) the Lord was working deeply behind the scenes. Not only in the lives of the people He is sending us to, but more importantly in our own lives.

The chisel is hard. It is painful. It hurts. It is filled with tears and doubts. It is lonely. When we find ourselves in those seasons, the only thing we can hold on to, is the fact that He is in control, and knows exactly what He is doing. He is preparing and molding us to be more effective for Him.

My dear friends, please hold on to your dream. Even though you cannot see any tangible evidence for your dream fulfilled, He knows and is working. He is faithful, has always been and will remain.

I feel like a child at Christmas. The dream I have had in my heart for years, is being fulfilled. He has gone before us and prepared each step and it is fun and exciting to see them come to fruition.

We get the privilege to move back to Alaska, shepherd and love a flock, and at the same time I will be working for Alaska Airlines. It is all so good.

I feel like it is Christmas Eve and I can hardly sleep for Santa will come in the morning. That is the kind of excitement I carry in my heart this season.

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