Monday, October 17, 2011

Instant Maturity.....

"We often want to be called of God, then ushered painlessly into a position of service and honor, miraculously possessing the character our callings require. God doesn't work that way. Our appointments are not about glamor. They're about glory. God's glory". Beth Moore.."David, Seeking a Heart Like His"

In this "instant" world, we are not accustom to having to wait...We get perturbed if we are in the drive thru for more than a few minutes. We are living in an age, where entitlement and expectations are high. Why should we wait? I want it now and now is when I need it!

While we may get what we want in this world, in an instant, that is not the way our Heavenly Father has planned for our lives to receive from Him.

Yes, we receive forgiveness the instant we ask for it. We receive salvation, the moment we ask.... but when it comes to forming us into His image and molding us and working in us, to fulfill the calling He has placed upon our lives, that is not instant. It is a process. In all honesty, sometimes the process sucks....:}

Wouldn't it be wonderful to wake up fully mature and His character built within us? I am sure David, was wondering what in the world was going on in his life as Saul kept on pursuing him. He was suppose to be the next king and he found himself hiding in caves, always being pursued by the enemy.

Most of us will never find ourselves physically hiding out in a dark and wet and gloomy cave, but emotionally we will probably find ourselves there at times. Feeling as if we are all alone, and wondering what in the world is happening in our lives? I thought the Lord had called me, we say?

Little did David know that the Lord was molding him and preparing him for the calling He had placed upon his life. Just as the Lord is molding and preparing us to be fruitful and to bring Him glory and not ourselves.

It is not "instantly" but it is His faithfulness that works in us, as we remain obedient to hear His voice and walk in that.

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thank you for your words of wisdom