Thursday, August 14, 2014

There Is No Place Like Home.....


My hubby and I have had such a full and busy summer. Working long hours at each of our jobs. We set aside 10 days here in August for us to be together and get away and just rest and be. We were immensely looking forward to our time away from all our responsibilities and celebrating my 60th birthday as well as our 38th wedding anniversary.

Our adorable identical twin granddaughters turned one in the middle of our days off. So we headed to Portland hoping to find a hotel to stay there for a day or two and rest with a nice room and an outdoor pool. So, for not planning very well ahead, and not making any reservations,  little did we know that the Timbers soccer team would be hosting some large event with thousands of guests so there were no empty rooms in all of Portland or Vancouver :{ 

So we called up our son and said we are coming early :}  breaking our own rule of only staying 2 days with our kids, so we don't wear out our welcome. We felt like two little orphans with no where to go....:}   Mike and Laci were so gracious to us.

We had the opportunity to spend some time with our precious little girls while Mike and Laci both worked. They bring us so much joy and brightness to our lives. So precious. They are a lot of work too! I am definitely a firm believer in having your children while you are young and have the energy to keep up with them!  But we wouldn't trade the time with them and the memories in our hearts for anything.

We still had 5 days left to our vacation,  and a dear friend from work had offered us 3 days free of her parent's timeshare in Las Vegas. Wow, how wonderful. A free room and outside pool for 3 days. We took her up on it....

Needless to say, we are sitting in the Bellagio Hotel at their famous dinner buffet on my birthday and I started crying and said to my hubby "I just want to go home". Vegas was neither relaxing nor enjoyable for either of us. I wanted to click my red ruby slippers and find myself again in the comfort and security of my own home.

So we went back to our hotel room, looked up the flights for the next day and the flight to SEA had 124 OPEN seats :}  and we made our flight to ANC as being one of the last few people to get on. We snuck back into Anchorage early and enjoyed our last 3 days of vacation at home, sleeping and enjoying the quiet and just being. The only ones who knew we were here were our dear friends who had the key to our home and were keeping an eye on it for us. 

Turning 60 has been a pretty emotional issue for me. The age sounds old, and yet, I feel so young :} I was talking to someone on our trip about a mutual person we both know and wondering how old they were now. I said, "she was old when I was in high school".  We both started laughing. Old is all in the perspective. I am sure she was only in her 40's when I thought she was quite old.

Just reminded again on the brevity of life and to make our lives count. I want to cherish each day, give what I can, and follow the Lord Jesus with all my heart. Days are passing quickly and I want to live each day to the fullest...

So now we are both back into the reality of life again. The 10 days have gone by fast.  There are people to love, people that need us. People that need you.  May we remember that life is so fleeting and may we live it with purpose and intent.

Next vacation: be purposeful, reservations will be made, positive space seats will be reserved on the flights and no more than 2 days with family..... so at least I have good goals ahead :}

No matter where we go though, there still is no place like home.....

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