Friday, July 10, 2015

Trusting In His Grace

Three of my grandchildren are tucked quietly downstairs in our nice comfy queen size bed. Laundry is going and I have a few minutes to write what has been so deeply on my heart today.

As each passing year goes by, the pain and effects of divorce they experienced are still raw in this grandmother's heart.  They are such wonderful, well behaved, precious ones and yet I know they will have a lot to process in the years ahead. They will be strong I know, because they have a mother who is loving, strong and wonderful, and cries out to Jesus herself.

I am thinking back to my own childhood and the trauma that the divorce of my parents left on me. I walked through two divorces with my parents.  It is deeply felt and through the years I have had to forgive, and find the Lord's grace to walk me through the pain and complications of it all.

Divorce is ugly. Divorce is painful. Divorce is wounding.  It seems like in today's world, it is easy to throw away a marriage and find someone better or new or prettier or thinner or younger.....  I am in no way judging anyone. I am stating a fact. Divorce sucks no matter what the reason.  The ramifications of that choice bring ripple waves of damaging effects to all lives involved, like the aftermath of a tornado.

I know as my grandchildren grow and understand life more, that they will find the Lord's grace, just as I have, to forgive, and find healing for their hearts and souls. But I still weep for them.  I don't want my grandchildren to hurt.  I want to protect them. Yet, I recognize it is when we are hurting that we cry out to the Lord and He meets us as only He can. I know the Lord will be faithful to each of them, as He has been to me.

So I will rest in that as I lay my head on my pillow tonight full of prayers on their behalf.

Oh how I love them.....


Evelyn Olson said...

Thank you for your kind words Terry. When I moved back to Dryden, my father was having an affair and my mother wanted to go for counseling and try to resolve the issues, but her told her he didn't want to be married any more. So after a few years they were divorced. But he decided that if we were friends with our mother he wouldn't talk or see us (his children) As the years progressed I didn't hate my father, but I love my mother. He is the one who missed out on his grand children's lives. My strength comes from the Lord, it is He that helped me not to be bitter or hate my father. Divorce is not an easy situation even when you are 30 years old when your parents divorce. Love Ya, Evelyn

Teresa Lee said...

Dear Evelyn... thank you for sharing a part of your heart... so thankful we have the Lord's grace to see us through those painful times in our lives. Sending hugs to you. Love, Terry