Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Eve of Mother's Day...

I have been cleaning out my closet, and today, I came across a red shirt that was my mother's. For the first time, I pulled it out from the back end of the closet and put it on. I wrapped it around me, and could picture in my mind how it looked on my mom when she wore it. I believe it was one of her favorites, as I saw her wear it many times.

Naturally the first thing I did though, was smell it. To see if I could still smell her scent. But it has been so many years, that her scent no longer lingers and all that remains is the smell of my clothes closet on it.

Mother's Day is tomorrow. Even though this will be the 19th Mother's Day that she has been gone, I still miss her. I miss her just as much and even more each year. She never saw her youngest children grow up, my children grow up, my siblings children grow up, never got to meet her grandchildren, missed out on so much laughing with her kids, sharing in their accomplishments and weeping with their sorrows.

I miss you mom.... and now that I have discovered the red shirt, that I forgot was back in the closet, I will put it on from time to time and pretend that you are holding me close. Thank you for being my mother. You were such a good mother in so many ways. Your children do rise up and call you blessed.

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