Monday, August 22, 2011

The Crumbling Pedestal....

Have you ever admired someone, only to have them deeply disappoint you? I think we have all been there. Many years ago the Lord did such a deep work in my heart about putting those ones I admire up on a "pedestal"...for they will surely fall off and then we can find ourselves disillusioned, disappointed and sometimes angry.

The Lord is the only one who will not disappoint or fail us. We as people, no matter how hard we try, will find ourselves at times, either saying, or doing the wrong things and hurting one another. The grace of the Lord is there to cover us, for which I am humbly thankful for.

We are all on this same journey of life, and yet, each one's path is different. Yes, there are ones we can admire and look up to and are examples to us. But they are people just like us.

It goes both ways.... I never want to be on anyone's pedestal, for I know I will fall off pretty quickly or have already fallen off. I am just me, walking this journey of life, longing to be obedient to my Jesus and all He asks of me.

So, let's tip those pedestals over!

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Arie Uittenbogaard said...

Hi Teresa, thanks for your lovely post. Pedestals are dangerous creatures...