Saturday, July 16, 2011

12 Years Ago......July 16th, 1999

Oh Lord, you have been so faithful to the deep cries of my heart. It was 12 years ago today, that you took us from our beautiful home in the most absolutely gorgeous place in all the world, Homer,Alaska, to bring us to a place in Oregon where we could find grace and healing for our hearts.

We left with so much pain and heartache over circumstances and the Lord knew that for us to be free and whole again, and to find the healing we needed, and that He longed for us to receive, that we had to leave where we were. Our hearts were desperate for His touch.

Even as I write this blog, so many emotions flood my soul. Tears come easily to my eyes. I left my family, people I loved dearly, and my heart in Alaska, but knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Lord opened the door, prepared the way, and ordained Canby New Life Foursquare in His plans for us. He knew, this would be the place that we would find what our hearts so desperately needed.

If I could only use one word to describe the last 12 years, I would use GRACE. Over and over the Lord has done His work of grace in my heart and continues to do so. It has been a season of healing through tears, valleys, mountaintops, joy, sorrow, repentance, worship, in His Word, and putting myself in places where the Spirit of God is, so I can receive from Him. He also placed significant people in my life to help me along this journey.

I can honestly say that He has healed my heart and made me whole and I have found the Lord Jesus in ways that I have only ever dreamed about.

His work is not over in my life. This has just been one season. My heart continues to press on, to knowing Him deeper and loving Him more. I am thankful I serve a God that sees. He sees the past, He sees the now, and He sees the future. He knows what we need. Oh Lord, keep my heart soft and tender and my ears sensitive to your voice always. And may I always say YES to you, no matter how painful that choice may be. Knowing that You always have our best interest in your heart.

We said yes to you 12 years ago, even though we left so much of our hearts in Alaska, but what we have gained in our souls has been worth every tear!

Thank you Lord for your faithfulness and the extent you went to, to do the deep work in our hearts You knew we longed for. I will always serve you, Lord, always.

p.s. Lord, I would love it, if it is in your heart, to send us back to Alaska someday soon....I am trusting you with this portion of my heart...

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