Friday, July 15, 2011

The 7am Grand Opening

I love crowds and grand openings..... but going to the new Fred Meyer grand opening in Wilsonville this morning was quite an experience.

If you were one of the first 200 people to go through the door then you were given a free gift card ranging from 5 dollars to 500. I got there about 6:45am and I must of been the 2000th person there. I heard the first shoppers were ones that spent the night on the sidewalk....What is ironic is that if I was 20 years younger, that probably would of been me. :}

Observing people is quite the pass time. Especially when they are "anxious" to receive a bargain. It seems to bring out the worst character flaws in one's soul...

I was waiting patiently to check out at the self check and saw that a spot had opened up. I pushed my cart over and was looking at the screen to begin checking out and all of a sudden this customer comes up to me, gets right in my face, and says, "excuse me" (with an attitude). I guess she was still using it and had gone for help. So, I nicely apologized and walked back to line.

Isn't it interesting the responses of people these days? It just takes a moment for an act of kindness instead of rudeness.

May we all take a step back and think before we speak. May our words and body expressions and actions bring life to the ones we are interacting with.

My reward for going:
1. I saw some dear friends and was able to chat a few moments
2. I got the layout of the new store, which was very nice
3. I got a free Fred Meyer shopping bag (HA)


Rachel said...

Oh, goodness. This reminds me of when I waited 2 hours for a $50 gift card when a Circuit City opened near us. People even had their small children there...I felt so bad when the little boy (3 yrs. old?) ahead of me finally asked his mom after an hour and a half of waiting: "But when will the clowns come? When will we see the clowns?"

"What clowns?" she said back. "There's no clowns here!" Then it hit her: "Oh, no, this is CIRCUIT City, not CIRCUS City!"

What a disappointment!

Teresa Lee said... is so wonderful to hear from you!!!! How is the family doing? Are you seeing Grandma Marlys this summer? Thanks for leaving a comment... I loved it!