Sunday, July 3, 2011

Another Time.... Another Place.....

4th of July memories from my childhood...

July 4th, 1959... Three sisters, Debby, Marie and myself, went to stay with our second elderly cousin, Allen Lester and his wife Eleanor. He brought us into an old five & dime store. I can still picture it today. Real old hardwood on the floors, glass counter tops, penny candy in big wooden buckets. Cousin Allen wanted to buy each of us three girls little flags to wave, but I didn't want a flag, I wanted the little pink diary that was under the glass shelf. I didn't get the diary, but it just goes to show you that I liked pink way back when I was a little girl and would also come to love to write. It also shows that I have a mind of my own on what I want.:}

It was this same holiday, that we had the big picnic with the Fitts side of our family at a park. I remember watching Aunt Edith, a lady who never married and was very old. I think she was pushing her mid 80's. To a 5 year old girl, that is OLD. I was watching her make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and all I could look at were her old wrinkled hands. It is still very vivid in my mind today. I just couldn't eat the sandwiches that she touch with her old hands, and I wouldn't eat them. So, I was sent to the car, as a naughty little girl, with no food. But sisterhood is sweet. My sister Debby snuck me a red apple.

July 4th, 1967.... Christian Community Church had their 4th of July picnic out at our homestead at the Anchor River. It was a beautiful day. I remember Harris Gordon falling over a tree and cracking a rib.

July 4th, 1968. The whole Halpin clan again attended the 4th of July picnic with the Christian Community Church family. We were somewhere up East Hill, where the first CCC building first was. Back then, there were the Edens, Gordons, Farnens, George Dahlgren, Arnos, and Halpins that consisted of the congregation. A small but close family.

When we were raising our children in Homer. Every 4th we would go out to the Homer Spit and see who could find the most states on the license plates. Homer is such a tourist town. I remember the year we came up with 48 different states and Hawaii was one of them.

Many 4th of July's have come and gone. It is funny what you remember. That is what makes up our lives. The memories and circumstances of the past.

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