Saturday, July 2, 2011

First Week Down.....His Grace Abounds

I never realized how wonderful it is to sleep in passed 2:30am.... but today, I did and it was glorious. I am looking forward to enjoying my 3 days off, to rest and relax and sleep in, and spend time with my hubby, and family that is coming for the 4th.

My first week of work went fast. The Portland Airport is big and spread out and I do a lot of walking every day. I am looking forward to having skinny legs soon, hope it works its way up to a skinny butt too! :}

I got to board many flights and one to even Vancouver, BC. It is an absolute blast, greeting each passenger and checking their boarding passes and making sure they are on the right flight and ready to board. I LOVE THAT! I never in my wild imagination realized how much work goes into getting passengers boarded and on their way to their destinations. LOTS of work!

Lots to memorize and remember.... "Now what keys do I hit to get that answer?" HA.....But each day, I am gaining a little more knowledge and what I love about the job is that everyday can be different. We are boarding different flights, and different passengers with different needs and so it is never dull or boring....

Everyone I have met is so friendly and tons of people have been working for Horizon for years. It is a great compliment to the company. They do treat their employees well and we do have laughter and fun together.

They say it will be a good 4 months until I really catch on and a good year to feel comfortable. So, my goal is to not be too hard on myself (the perfectionist I am) and to give myself time to feel confident. I love learning something new, and I want to learn it well with excellence. That is my goal.

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